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The Post Office and Tesco Essay

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The Post Office and Tesco

For this task I have been asked to describe the type of business purposes and ownership of two contrasting business, the two businesses I have chosen are

The Post office and Tesco, I will be contrasting these two businesses in this report.

The post office was established in England in 1660 by Charles II, it has been running ever since and is known world wide and is used every day of the week,

The post office is in charge of mail and deliveries that have been paid for by customers and they will post them to the place listed on the item, the post office will then dispatch the item to the receivers location through planes/vans to postmen to the receiver, sometimes you have to sign for the product which helps customers with things like insurance of the item.

The Post office is a government owned business as it is paid for using the tax payer’s money which means the government takes care off expenses of the business and they will also have to deal with any problems that are going on the will also take the profits that the business makes, the post offices operates nationally as the postal service operates only in the country and post is sent every day, The post office falls under the tertiary sector because they sell a service for e.g. they sell people mail deliver as they deliver they mail for money,

The post office supply a postal service in which they post/deliver your letters so they can make profit, the post office supplies its services to customers by allowing them to use post boxes to post their letters, but the letter must have a stamp that has to be bought at a post office, for larger items like packages you will have to take them to the post office and get them sent from there, the post office exists to offer a postal service to the public so they can deliver your packages/letters to other destinations the post office also charge money to send letters using them, they also exist to make profit for the government, it was first open in 1660 as a way to deliver letters/notes from city to city but has developed in the years which has made it more complex.

The post office supplies services to the public by charging them to deliver their letters at a fee, you will have to go to a shop and purchase a stamp which can be used to send letters, also for larger letters or packages you will have to visit the post office and they will take care of the package for you and also will charge you depending on the weight off the package/letter, The Post office business operates nationally, The Post Office is needed for the country’s postal service to run, if this business was to close down many people would loose their jobs and also the country’s postal service would collapse and the mail would be unorganized, as this is a government owned business the government will try anything to keep this service/business running because it could cause the country’s postal service to collapse.

The first Tesco was opened in 1919 by a man called; Jack Cohen from that 1 store Tesco has grown in the market and now has 923 stores worldwide,

(Sentence from wikipedia)

Tesco is a supermarket that sells all kinds of household items such as food, clothes range, Technology range, phone range furniture, toys and many more, Tesco has many different stores which make a lot of money every year.

Tesco falls under the tertiary sector as they are a supermarket who sells products made by other companies to the public/customers who use their services, Tesco buys a lot of stock from other companies such as Wholesales and sells them off a profit, Tesco is a Public limited company (PLC)which means that it is a business that has over £50,000 the business isn’t owned by one person, it is owned by different shareholders who all share decisions made in the business, and also share the profits and the responsibilities of the business.

Tesco has stores all around the world which means it is a Global business It has many stores in places like Korea, Poland, Taiwan and Thailand and over 923 stores worldwide, Tesco sell household goods such as foods, clothes and even furniture they sell these products so that they can make a decent profit at the end of the year, Tesco exists to make money, they make there money by selling stuff at suitable prices which customers can afford so it is easier to shop with them and so they can also make more money, Tesco was opened in 1919 as one store which has transformed into a Globally known business.

They operate in different parts of the world but mostly in the U.K. Tesco supplies its services/products to customers by allowing them to come in store and buy the products that they need and when they are done they will go to a checkout to pay for them, Tesco exists to offer goods at reliable prices, for the public to buy, Tesco is well known for cheap products at suitable prices that people can afford, it has also uses advertising and is on price comparisons sites to show how cheap they are. If Tesco was to close down a lot of people would loose their jobs, but it wouldn’t affect customers as much as if the post office closed down, because there are many other supermarkets which the customers could change to, there are other supermarkets like, Asda, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and many others we’re people could shop instead of Tesco so it wouldn’t affect the government/customers that much.

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