The Possibility of Evil, Creative Dialogue Essay

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The Possibility of Evil, Creative Dialogue

Mrs. Foster stepped into the elevator and gave Miss Strangeworth a nod. Miss Strangeworth glance at her with embarrassment, knowing that that was the first time people had ever seen her after the operation. Without saying a word, she quietly turned and looked sideways. It had been two months since her transgressions circulated around the town. When she was about to sigh, the cart started shaking unexpectedly. Most of the elevator lights flickered and went off eventually. They could barely see each other’s faces.

Dead stillness ruled the whole world, as though the elevator crashed down to a grave. Lovely day, Mrs. Foster,” Miss Strangeworth ventured, “People should have examined this elevator regularly. Don’t you think so? ” Since she knew no one would pay any attention to her anymore, she was getting frustrated. “I think people will be coming soon to fix it. ” Mrs. Foster paused, and then comforted her amicably, “We will be all right. ” Miss Strangeworth intended to start another conversation, Mrs. Foster’s operation, for instance. But the words wouldn’t come out. “All right,” she loosened her hand that was holding the handle tightly, trying to maintain her dignity, and lowered her voice, “all right.

Silence ensued. Miss Strangeworth could see Mrs. Foster out of the corner of her eye, wondering if she had recovered from the illness. Mrs. Foster was not as energized as she used to be, she thought. The shadow of Mrs. Foster’s face was casting on the wall, her plain face cracked into a smile. Miss Strangeworth was feeling like she was in a coffin, and the phrase from her letter kept coming to her mind, saying “the knife accidently slipped”. She was drawing back unconsciously until she was against the wall. She cried out suddenly, “Forgive me Mrs. Foster!

I promise I would ever write the anonymous letters again! Forgive me, please. ” “It is all right, every single person makes mistakes. ” Mrs. Foster said gently with joy, “Did you hear that? People are fixing the elevator. ” The elevator door was opened, the world were lightened. Miss Strangeworth and Mrs. Foster were surrounded by townsfolk. Everyone was concerned about their safety. “It is virtue to realize your mistakes and try your best to correct it. ” Mrs. Foster whispered as she walked out of the door. Miss Strangeworth began to cry with a mix of joy and regret.

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