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The Positive Side of Western Culture Essay

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Indian youth have adopted Western way of life on the wrong side. Everyone is aware of the damage done to the Country in the name of fashion and modern way of life. I wonder why people simply can’t adopt the positive side of Western culture. I am giving below the positive side of American way of life.

1) Dignity of Labour: Americans simply don’t mind switching jobs. They switch from highly paid job to a bus driver in no time if they lose the job. No job is mean and degrading for them as long as it is not begging.

2) Switching Roles or Role Reversal : Husband doesn’t mind doing domestic chores exclusively and also adopt himself comfortably as a baby sitter in case he loses his job and the wife has a job. Practically no ego hassles. 3)They keep their streets and surroundings clean. 4)They handle their luggage themselves.

5) Husband and wife share all domestic chores including cleaning their toilets, bathrooms, cleaning utensils and washing clothes etc. No problem what so ever.

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6) Garbage is collected in large bags. In fact the garbage is segregated. It means the paper, plastic, kitchen and other garbage should be tied in separate bags and should be kept at the place it is meant outside the house or in the basement of an apartment complex. The paper and plastic garbage will be sent for recycling. 7)The garbage collector collects the same in a closed truck. All the garbage collectors wear hand gloves.

8)They are generally courteous and always speak in low tone. 9) Electrical, gas, water and cable connections and disconnections can be got done on phone. No bribes are involved.

10) No corruption at lower and middle level. 11) Husband and wife can file joint income tax return even though one of them is unemployed provided both of them are having tax numbers. They can claim double standard deduction. The tax refund will be simply credited to the bank account generally within 6 weeks of filing the tax return. It will still be further fast if the return is filed online. 12) Income tax generally comprises federal (Central Government portion), state and city portion. Tax returns have to be sent separately to federal office and state office for State and city portion of tax return. This is part of s.no.11

13) The President of America acknowledges the letters written by even common man if he finds the letters to be interesting and of some value to the Nation.

14) The First Lady even gives personal reply to the letters if they have some substance of importance to the Nation even if written by the common man.

15) The benefits provided by the Government reach the common man unlike India.

16) Certain large Medical Stores like Pathmark have certain schemes for providing medicines at highly subsidized rates, $9.99 per medicine for three months, to those having no insurance towards the purchase of generic medicine when compared with the regular Insurance Firms.The charges are far less when compared with the charges levied by the Insurance Companies. One particular Insurance Company charges $15.00 per medicine per month.

17) Genuinely unemployed people are given unemployment benefits to the tune of 36% of their wages generally up to 26 weeks. This period gets extended depending upon the unemployment rate prevailing at that time like the present recession.

18) The city buses in New York are equipped with air conditioning and heating. These facilities are used depending upon the season. There are no conductors and no bus inspectors. There is a provision for the driver to communicate with the passengers when required. There is only one bus fare whether it is next stop or last stop.

19) The bus driver lowers the platform of the bus for enabling the wheel chaired passenger to enter the bus. The driver comes down and helps the passenger to enter the bus along with the wheel chair. He then lifts a three seater meant for senior citizen and properly secures the wheel chair to the seat. After getting confirmed that everything is fine then only the driver goes back to his seat. The drivers can be both men and women.

20) The poor are provided with food stamps worth $ 200.00 per person per month by the Central Government. It can be up to $600 to $ 650.00 for three member family. Provisions can be purchased from any store where these food stamps are accepted.

21) During recession period the Central Government decides to grant certain financial aid package to help the tax payers and this amount gets credited automatically to their bank account along with the tax refund. The tax payer need not be American citizen. No follow up is required

22) Retired senior citizen gets an average of $ 1100.00 social security pension per person per month. It is not a thumb rule. It depends on the salary of the person and the number of years of the service this person puts in. They can get even more if their company has a separate pension scheme. It is difficult to manage in the present times with the social security pension alone. So there are senior citizen accommodations where they pay only 30% of the rent per month. The remaining 70% is paid by the Government. The Government takes care of their transport and medical insurance. All the required medicines are provided free and all medical expenses including in- patient out- patient visits and all kinds of surgeries are totally free.

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