The Positive Impact of Vanderbilt on My Academic Achievements

As a nontraditional student, I am seeking a transfer in order to take advantage of challenging academic experience, coupled with an enriching sense of community. Vanderbilt excels where other universities only attempt to achieve; creating a well rounded collegiate experience. Vanderbilt is the ideal fit for a student like myself that is seeking more than an academic experience, Being a member of the Commodore community means being able to take a participatory role in campus organizations that truly embody the spirit of civic engagement.

This culture of service truly stands above the rest as I am seek to raise my community profile beyond career minded endeavors.

Over the past year, I have taken the opportunity to extend my reach outside of the classroom by supporting local environmental causes through my position within the Nashville film community I am a mentor to up inspiring actors. Giving back to the community; through these activities while combining my academic ambition has allowed me to excel in different areas of life.

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Although, I have found moderate success in the fast-pace environment of the entertainment industry, my goal has always been to continue my secondary education.

Education is an essential element for me to achieve in order for myself to become a well- rounded individual. My current university has afforded me the opportunity of establishing my goals, and now I am ready to take the next step of my journey. The pinnacle of the academic achievement is Vanderbilt. Being able to participate in this diverse and intellectually stimulating community will bring out the best of talents.

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Additionally, being able to intersect my civic goals with my academic ambition will be of service to me my entire life.

Vanderbilt cultivates a tradition that energizes students in a fast-paced intellectual and social engagements. Learning never ends when educational and civic commitment align to produce a well-rounded, more informed, and caring individual. Continuing my education within this community will undoubtably strengthen my bond to the world around me, and in turn allow me to pursue academic and career goals. 2nd:

Thave the pleasure of being able to work in the entertainment industry, working in the field of casting for the last four years. Working on locations from around the world, I have first- hand experience with what it takes to thrive in a fast-paced environment. My role as a casting associate means that | am primarily responsible for the day to day operations of our casting efforts for commercial projects. From negotiating contracts to live award show coordination, my role has allows me to engage in a diverse community of.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the entertainment world that I love is that every day, every project brings a new set of skills or challenges to apply my talents to accomplish. Learning never ends from project to project and this allows me the opportunity to collaborate or support the endeavors of an creative environment. However, none of the success of my position would be possible without building strong ties to the community. By actively staying current in developing relationships with emerging talent, I am afforded one of the best perks of working in this field; mentoring. Being able to help foster a new generation of actors and filmmakers enables me to utilize the expertise I have achieved in making a difference in their dreams.

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