The Positive Effects of Prostitution to Women According to the Literary Works of Various Authors

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There seems to be a growing number of people who choose to ignore prostitution in our community. However, it is considered the oldest job in history and one that has always been to hide in the shadows of the night. In Studs Terkel’s book “Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do” he interviews a “Hooker” by the name of Roberta Victor. Terkel is able to describe a summary of Victor’s engagement in the society that many don’t know about and that is a life of a hooker at different levels.

Not only did Victor describes the time when she was known as a “Call Girl” , but also when she lowered her statues and became what many of us see in our community known as a ” Street Walkers”.

Victors experience in this lifestyle was filled with positive and negative aspects which catches my attention and caused me to explore a different side of prostitution.

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Therefor began to question is prostitution a horrible job? Does it really have no benefits? What attracts women to pursue such a career if it can be called that? The more I questioned this career the more I began to see that prostitution is not that bad and actually has many benefits that help women improve their ability to help their family, control their finances, and improve their self-esteem. However, because prostitution has a lot of negative factors we don’t always here about the positive ones.

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In order that I will pursue to find out to what extent does prostitution actually improve a women’s personal life, economical life, and psychologically. The first factor I envisioned with prostitution is the affects it has on their personal life and weather this career improves it.

As many of us know prostitution is market well known to involve mostly women and many of whom have children and other dependent family members. Since prostitution is a job in which normally the actual female is the boss she is able to decide how, where, and when she will work. Therefore, allowing her to take care of her children or other family members with much more time and detail that most working mothers are not able to provide because of their restricted hours. For example in the article “The Secrets Life of Prostitute Moms” by Tracy Quan introduces different women who were able to help their families with such a career. One of them is Ruth Morgan Thomas who had a child said “I’ve never had any help from Tara’s father and I left him when she was 2 and a half”. ( After this occurred she entered the market and continued caring for her child without any help and because she had the flexibility in her jobs when problems arises in her child’s school she was able to address them.

Such was the case when her daughter was being bullied in her school Ruth was able to defend her daughter and resolve the issue by relocating her from schools. If she did not have the time to address her daughters bullying who knows what else could have happened. Another example of how prostitutes improve their personal life is by helping their partners because they have more time on their hands. Such the case for Veronica Monet a prostitute mentioned in Quan article as well in which she helped her now ex-husband with his own two children.“”At that point in my career, I was working three days a week as a middle-class escort, seeing people by the hour,” she says. “I paid half of my husband’s child support, took care of their medical expenses, vacations—many of the finer things in life.”O). In order that Veronica was an ideal helper because she was able to arrange her career as “middle-class escort” which is also considered a different level of prostitution to accommodate her personal life and demands. The contribution a prostitute brings to her personal level will vary in every case however because of the flexibility it allows them to be part of their loved ones more than one believed.

In any part of the world any job that brings a profit to the household is respected and appreciated but never looked down on unless it’s a job like prostitution. But, how much money does this line of work really bring in? Well it depends in the twenty century there are different forms of prostitution some that will get paid better than others but overall the line of work includes compensation for much less time involved in the job. Therefore prostitution can easily come home with a wage of an eight hour shift but only have worked less than two hours depending on the class of prostitute they are. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute they presented a research done by the University Chicago and found the income of prostitutes in 2007 states an “Average annual income of a U.S. prostitute” of $290,000.00 (Prostitution Statistics). Also, they did present that in “Thailand has the largest sex industry” of $35 billion (Prostitution Statistics). Therefore, prostitution has been growing and becoming an abundant form of income for women that choose to continue in this career. In order that the myth seems to be closer to the truth rather then a myth, prostitution can become a career in where the profits can be compared to many jobs considered acceptable by society such as doctors, computer analyst, and many more. Looking more in debt into the amount of money prostitutes get paid for their services it becomes obvious that these women have a good income to support themselves and other loved ones. There has been many prostitutes that have began to speak more openly about the economical benefits received with being a prostitute . However, because each prostitution is a job that takes place all over the world rates may vary and also the job description can be charged differently. According to prostitute known as “Beauty Takes AToll” on the website called “Experience Project” she replied to many of the people who wondered how much money does she actually makes and this is what she responded:

“Half an Hour: I get $120, An Hour: $245, Two Hours:$480 (lose $10)etc plus I charge my clients for fetishes, and anal for average foot fetish, soft bondage i charge an extra $75for a bit weirder fetishes i charge an extra $100 and for extremely WEIRD fetishes i charge a extra $150 and for anal, because its very rare to find a hooker that does anal that is decent looking I charge an extra $450 So the average I make a night without adding extra costs of fetishes and anal I normally make $2295 so at the end of the week i would make without adding extra costs I would normally make over $9000” (BeautyTakesAToll)

The fact is prostitution is job that women can become wealthy with a minimal amount of work involved. Therefore, it has become a job market that many women have followed in order to have an economical stability. Many believe women that participate in prostitution to be affected by their job physiologically in a harmful and negative way, but not all sex workers feel the same. In the essay “Prostitution is Beneficial” in the Gale database it posses many reasons it benefits women in positive ways. One way that being a prostitute helps women mentally is by allowing them to explore their sexuality to their maximum potential. According to them, “There are many situations where women decide to enter sex work because it seems to be the only way they can throw their sexual repressive background to the wall.”(Prostitution is Beneficial).

This help women to feel free to explore and love their bodies which promote a good self esteem. Most importantly they state that prostitution benefits the women’s mental health because, “Comforting sex without ties is excellent for mental health, soothing the nervous system, and helping the client improve their sense of well being” (Prostitution is Beneficial). Another great factor prostitution helps women in is allowing them to have control over their bodies and how they want to share it with someone else. As many might not realize “Sex work is a choice and empowers women” (The Week). In the form of allowing them to embrace a job that they love to do and feel good about. The movement of women empowerment has been going on for a long time and prostitution is a form that helps women follows that path in which molds them to be a more grounded and stable person mentally because they feel good about their choices.

Having a career that gives you positive gratification and allows you to be the boss allows you to be less stress, depressed, and angry. In the case of women who choose to do this line of work the compensation of having a better state of mind is sometimes better than the money and that is why they continue to work. It might seem that prostitution is the best line of work for many women since it benefits their personal life, economical status, and encourage positive thinking. The biggest problem prostitute that choose this profession because they like the benefits it offers is the “law”.

In the United States of America only one state has legalized prostitution. Even then prostitutes that love their job are consistently fighting the law to bring a new reform in where there job can be legalized in order to not only receive better benefits but more respect from society for their job. Not only does the law discriminate and illegalize their choice of choosing this job but by not legalizing it properly or asking for their input it puts them in great risk of becoming victims of violence. Laws in other countries regarding prostitution always become a heated discussion like in Canada where their supreme court is trying to make stricter rules for prostitutes to continue their work legally by limiting them to certain areas of the country.

According to Jean McDonald “This will simply move sex workers out into more isolated and more marginalized areas of the city, and in many ways this legislation is a gift to sexual predators,” (Campbell). Many prostitutes have formed different groups in order fight for their rights in hope that someday it will be accepted everywhere and such women can come out of hiding. Such as the International Union of Sex Workers whose passion is to fight for the right of prostitution also known as “Sex Work” and their main focus are the following; “Improving the legal framework and self organization of sex workers is to the benefit of all parties. Recognizing both the rights and responsibilities of sex workers is the only sensible way forward.” (International). Therefore, the benefits they receive in their line of work also require them to face the harsh fact that not everyone agrees with their job as a positive one.

After researching this topic I have found that in fact prostitutes do gain a lot of positive aspects from their job to improve their personal life, economy, and improve their mind. It is unfortunate that the social media and politics have stigmatized their job to confuse many people into disrespecting this type of work. Even tough their are roughly 30 different organizations that aim to better the future of the prostitute it still continues to be hard to inform the public that not all prostitutes hate their job or were brought into it against their will but actually chose to join it freely and willingly. Like Aristotle said “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”

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