The Positive Effect of Hank Morgan on Camelot in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court, a Novel by Mark Twain

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What Effect Did Hank Morgan Have on Camelot?

Hank Morgan, better known as the Connecticut Yankee, had a very positive overall effect on Camelot. Between all the technologies that he introduced, the new ideologies and government policies and the ways he treated the people he met, without him, Camelot would not have progressed at the rate it did. He helped people with problems, such as the family with measles, the slaves and lower people who felt they were oppressed by the King, and even the king himself, who did not see what he was putting his people through.

First, the technology he used was far ahead of its time. He used blasting powder to blow up Merlin’s tower. This was obviously not invented at the time of King Arthur’s court, and was only one of the inventions that he brought with him. Later in the book, he goes so far as to make telephone and fax lines. He brings weaponry that was modern for his time.

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He brings electric fences to defend him and his companions, revolvers to stop threats, and performed other feats.

Hank brought so much technology to Camelot that the people considered him almost as great as the king.

He also brought many ideas and fundamentals with him. Hank thinks that monarchies are bad because he is from a time where monarchs had earned a bad name over a long period of time. He uses the knowledge that monarchs would become even worse over time to start the beginnings of a revolution through the King’s own court.

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He undermines the Church and puts commoners into positions of power, which was not allowed before. He even goes so far as to trick the people who think they are supposed to be getting the most important roles, even though they have no education, into being a menial and low priority force. 

Hank also brings the foundations of a more modern and free government. He talks frequently in the book about how much the lower-class people are outshined by the wealthy, who make their own class unreachable through laws and taxes. Hank is the equalizer for these people.

For example, Hank’s candidate, who is qualified but not noble, is turned down in favor of an unqualified but noble-blooded person. In the end, Hank makes it so that many people are equal. He talks about how if everyone gets a vote, brutal laws cannot be passed to keep people from being equal. He believes in democracy, equality and fairness. If he had not arrived, Camelot would have still been under tyrannical and monarchal rule, with the wealthy abusing their power over the citizens.

Hank not only helps the people of the court, but also the people outside of the court. A major part of the book is his adventure with the woman who comes to seek his help. Although Hank is still confused by the lack of knowledge these people have, he does his best to help them.

He uses his money to help people who need it, like the freemen he meets who fear his pipe. Once again, he is puzzled by the lack of knowledge that the people in the court have.

The King, who has never experienced bad treatment because he is of royal blood, was also shown the treatment that his subjects go through. Hank is the one who shows him by taking him on a journey through his kingdom, and although accidentally, showing him how much there is that the commoners and people who are not of royal descent have to deal with. Even though it is an accident, it changes the King’s point of view. Without Hank, the king never would have seen this and slavery would not have been abolished.

The most important thing that he had set out to do from the beginning of his time in Camelot, was disassembling knight errantry. The scene in which he kills knights with his revolvers is only the climax of the underlying plot of the book. During his entire time in Camelot, he has been putting the people in power, exposing fakes and posers, dissecting the honor and knight errantry that was so heavily enforced in the time of the court.

In the end, if Hank Morgan had not visited Camelot, it would have been stuck in a monarchy, ruled by the wealthy. Although it would have eventually progressed, it would not have been nearly at the rate at which Hank Morgan made it go.

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