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The positive aspects of media Essay

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Media is part of our everyday life. We take the knowledge we get through newspapers, television, the Internet and radio for granted and often we tend to focus on the negative influence it has on the society. In this essay I am going to discuss aspects of media which can also have a negative impact but which usually benefit the world we live in.

The media is easily accessible – one can buy a newspaper in any city of the world or find a television or radio signal. People know a lot more than they did a century ago. For example, media plays an important role in educating people about health and diet. There are articles in newspapers which give general tips about how to be more healthy but also stories which tell people to do regular check-ups for cancer. The fact that media is accessible and educates people might be part of the reason why modern people live longer.

The fact that media is widespread contributes to the fact that it cannot be controlled by a single authority. The media brings many different views to the public and anyone who has access to the Internet can write his own opinion about the matter at hand. A few years ago in Estonia there was a conflict between two different nationalities – the Estonians and the Russians. The conflict was about different historical opinions and since practice showed that the two parties cannot come to an agreement by talking things through, the Internet was a good place to find different arguments on both sides and calmly come to an agreement. Media acted as a bridge or mediator between the two sides of conflict.

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We can rely on the knowledge we get through the media when we have seen or heard the person who has immediate contact with the matter at hand. Our knowledge has to be reliable because otherwise we would be unable to have a justified opinion about different issues. Millions of people watched the elections of America’s president. The television helped them to develop an opinion about the world’s most powerful man and rely on the fact that he is not made up or … and everything they know about him is cohering with what they have read from the newspapers.

Besides the negative aspects of the media it also has a lot of positive factors. For example it is easily accessible, it mirrors many different viewpoints of different matters and it also brings us the immediate experience of the events instead of hearing about them from another source. The media has many aspects which deserve praise and which make our society to be more democratic and educated.

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