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The politics of globalization of Brazil Essay

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The world, which started in the form of tribes exchanging barters as trade, entered a modern scenario, and barter soon turned into exchange of gold and then eventually currency. With the period of time, the humble trade transformed into international deals, and which eventually started the age of globalization. The era of globalization brought the world very close, and the trade that seemed much distanced because of the detachment of continents, started commencing on daily basis, and every place in the world has now become reachable in hours.

“Brazil”, one of the highlight of Latin America, has it share of chaos and confusion, but eventually with the course of time, it has dwindled itself in the colors of globalization. Brazil has had a very troublesome past, and after the colonial monarchy, the army crept in leading to numerous coups, which resulted in mass destructions and stumping of the economy. It has been only three decades since there has been proper regime that has been ruling the country, and has been providing a platform for business and trade to prosper in the nation.

Brazil with due course of time has joined the trillion dollar economy, and is shaping up to become of the leading economies of the world. With its due course of time, Brazil silently has crept in the list of large economies, and currently it stands as the eight largest economy of the world. Brazil since the early 90’s started accelerating its prospects by splurging into the world economy and opening its huge market to the world.

Brazil’s sudden significance to the world market made it entry into the G-20 and also into organizations like ‘Mercosur’ Globalization is just not one huge international trade fair anymore, and it has a lot of politics involved. The level of politics in globalization has different facets and different indicators, and each country with the amount of its strengths and weakness are weighed into the politics of globalization.

The facets of politics of globalizations is best explained, when it is revealed that it is nothing much than anger of people in the underdeveloped countries of the world, of what they are seeing as the unfair distribution of wealth, education and resources and the increase in the gaps of the people falling into categories of haves and have-nots (Gail S. Schoettler, P. 1).

The politics of globalization of any nation can be best understood on the basis of import prohibitions imposed by that particular nation. In the case of Brazil, it has a serious issue with automobile being imported, as it wants to protect its huge automobile market, which is very evident from the fact that in the year 2005 Brazil manufactured more than 1. 65 million cars only for its domestic consumption (Elisangela Cordeiro).

Brazil doesn’t want cars to be imported in the country as it can seriously damage its very own market, posing a threat to its own economy, as automobile is one of the biggest manufacturing sectors in the country of Brazil, and if the ban is lifted for importing automobiles from other nations, then it can have several negative impacts on the Brazilian economy as well as Brazilian labor force. On the other hand Brazil maintains kind of a monopoly, when it comes to its exports, as Brazil is supposed to be the leading exporter of coffee, sugar, beef and orange juice.

Brazil’s best example of playing the politics of globalization game, is by understanding the fact, that when the whole world, is trying to impose bans on the production giant China over the unsafe toys filled with lead content, which even includes the World Trade Organization, Brazil has no issue with the unsafe toy and Brazil’s ambassador to China has even made comments openly like “ It’s necessary to avoid simplistic solutions, like championing protectionism, which is an ineffective tool in a globalize world” (Luis Augusto de Castro Neves, Reuters).

The reason for this kind of attitude towards China is because Brazil has a huge market in the form of China for its iron ore and its soybeans production. This double standard of not only Brazil but almost all nations in the world of imposing prohibitions for imports, but want free trade scenarios for exports, show the depth of politics of globalization.

Brazil on a global scene is moving towards huge figures in terms of trade, and it was estimated in the year 2005 that within a span of four years, Brazil had managed to double its exports from US$58 billion in 2001 to a whopping US$118 billion and within the same estimated period, Brazil has managed to curb its import levies and has managed to control imports from the rest of the world, in their booming economy, and have been able to manage import increase by only 30%, from US$56 billion to US$74 billion.

Brazil has been taking the wrath of the United States of America in terms of its trade policies and import prohibitions, but again the politics of globalization can be seen from the fact that how much ever the tiff between these two countries over free trade, America tops the list in both segments of trade, i. e. import as well as export from Brazil. The country supposedly is very actively involved in its productions and manufacturing strengths, especially of automobiles, aircrafts, textiles and footwear.

Basically the level of globalization is very different of that of an idealist, and now each country is only trying to protect its interests and actually has no regards for the impact of it callous attitude towards other countries. Brazil fundamentally thriving on its agricultural economy has to suffer because of the conflicts over farm subsidies and agricultural tariffs from the United States of America and other European countries.

Brazil considers itself to be one of the developing countries and tries to connect to other developing nations on the basis of monopoly of the developed nations, be it on the basis of agricultural tariffs or import prohibitions. Brazil how much ever shows its dissent for the policies of the west, it tries to rally itself for trade to all the developed nation, and there is a huge hypocrisy, when it comes to trade, as both Brazil and the developed countries, how much ever disagree with each other’s policies, but both will be on one list of top imports and exports.

Brazil though being part of the G-20 and Mercosur, was never actively involved, but with periodic trading coordination, Brazil has started taking active part in these institutions as of now, and it was seen that brazil has been participating in injecting a fresh lease and leading the confront from Mercosur on the lines of boosting trade, creating jobs and reducing poverty in Latin America.

Brazil with all its highs and lows, is making a special place in this globalize world, though how much ever unpredictable is the entire trading scenario, Brazil is set to carve a niche in midst of all the politics, that the world has to offer in international trade. Work Cited: 1) Gail S. Schoettler, “Politics of Globalization”, November 2002, University of Colorado at Institute for International Business and Global Executive Forum Center for International Business Education & Research, cudenver.

edu/International/… /Documents/Politics_of_globalization. pdf 2) Elisangela Cordeiro, “Despite Crisis, Brazil’s Auto Industry Should Grow 5% This Year”, Thursday, 30 June 2005, http://www. brazzilmag. com/content/view/3004/54/ 3) “Brazil ambassador opposes quotas on China imports”, April 19th 2005, Reuters, http://asia. news. yahoo. com/070418/3/30itr. html 4) “Trade Policies”, U. S library of congress, http://countrystudies. us/brazil/80. htm

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