The point in my career Essay

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The point in my career

I never thought of myself as being confident or even reliable.  It sounds worse than it is, I actually never committed to a job or a project that I felt I could not complete.  But I was at a point in my career or even in life in general where I was ready for a major challenge.  I applied for a job with a large school district in the area for an Associate Director position.  This was a big step for me since I always felt my work was nothing out of the ordinary.

Part of the interview process was to answer the question, why should we hire you.  In my thought process I began realized the great achievements I have had in my previous jobs.  I talked about my duties and responsibilities, my projects and accomplishments.  I told them how I completed a 5 year back log that no one wanted to touch on my first three months of my first job.  I recalled how appreciative school administrators were when I was able to help them understand their school budget and financial condition.

I explained my participation in developing an integrated financial system for the largest school district in the State.  As I answered this question and many more like it, I realized that I am a reliable person that can take on challenges and be sure to complete them.  I also told them about a 2 year program I completed in School Business Management.  I am knowledgeable, innovative and dependable.  My interview was beginning to be impressive.  My confidence during the interview was obvious but appropriate.

I ended up getting the job as Associate Director and I entered that position with great confidence.  I knew I had the skills and determination to succeed in that position. I no longer doubted my reliability because in retrospect, I have been extremely reliable exceeding all expectations.  I was able to accomplish major projects in that position and serve my employers and community well.

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