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The Plot Structure in "A Rose for Emily"

A Rose for Emily is a story by William Faulkner that shines on the time they wrote it. The plot of the story is about two dimensions: now (present) and then (Future) this are the times that Emily is living in. The story starts and concludes with Emily’s death. The author uses flashbacks to show the readers the conflict between Emily and The public. The story gives the readers a confusing understanding to prevent the reader from knowing what is going on.

The author starts the first part now (present) gives us a rundown of the protagonist Emily life as the neighborhood residers go to her funeral. The funeral took place in her house where nobody has been to in more than ten years making the whole neighborhood to take part in it. The second part uses flash from the past details 30 years from the now when the community discovered a strong smell coming from Emily’s residence. It happened after Emily’s dad died and The guy people suspected she would get married to disappeared.

The neighborhood began to empathize, Emily, remembering auntie had gone mad.

More flashes from the past happen in part three depicting the time Emily first seeing the man people had suspected that Emily would get married to, Homer Barron. As their correlation goes on, this part ends when Emily departs to the drugstore to buy some rat poison. In the fourth part, the author shows us how the town members felt about Emily buying the rat poison.

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They thought that she was going to use it to commit suicide, which made their suspicions of Emily marrying homer improbable. The Female members of the neighborhood persisted that the Baptist minister persuades Emily not to kill herself. Emily buys a toilet from homer which brings back the gossips that she was marrying homer. Homer isn’t seen anywhere around the town which makes people think he is avoiding Emily’s cousin. Homer has then been seen one more time and after that never again. Rejecting to vacate her home, Emily becomes old. She leaves her house closed for everybody besides her painting sessions.

“A Rose For Emily” ends in part five, going back to the present day where the town members went to a room in Emily’s residence. The room is stuck in time, with everything that would make you think a wedding would happen all there. The dead body of Homer Barron is on the bed. The plot structure for “A Rose For Emily” leaves its readers interested but at the same time perplexed from the very start to the very end. Faulkner makes the plot structure puzzling thus graspable.

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