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The play Blood Brothers Essay

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Blood Brothers was created in the 1980’s, written by Willy Russell. It is a play that was first set in Liverpool. This play shows the contrast between the upper and lower class. It illustrates the power and control the rich have over the poor. Blood Brothers is also about destiny and the boundaries and differences between societies. Furthermore, this play regards deceit, lies, superstition and want. This play tells us the story of two twins who were separated at birth, by two mothers.

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The mothers, Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons, both are from two different societies and backgrounds and both have different personalities and characters. Mrs Johnstone, the mother of the twins, gives one away to Mrs Lyons (who has wanted a child for a long time) and Mrs Lyons in turn provides Mrs Johnstone with the money she needs to prevent her family from coming out onto the streets. Mrs Lyons manipulates Mrs Johnstone into giving one of the twins to her when they are born and without giving Mrs Johnstone time to think, she tells her to swear on the bible to seal their deal and so that no one else will find out about this.

Right at the beginning from the way Mrs Lyons persuades Mrs Johnstone, the audience can tell that she is the type of person who will go to any lengths to get what she wants. When in act 1 scene 8, the mother decides that if Mrs Lyons is not going to let her work there anymore then she is going to tell someone about how Mrs Lyons took one of her children, Mrs Lyons comes up with a superstition about how the twins will die because she knows that Mrs Johnstone is a superstitious person and is influencing her so that she doesn’t do anything that will ruin Mrs Lyons family life, “They say…….

They say that if either twin learns he was one of a pair they shall both die immediately! ” “You won’t tell anyone, Mrs Johnstone, because if you do you shall kill them! “, this shows the audience how Mrs Lyons manages to prevent the mother from doing anything reckless and she also gives the mother a guilty conscience about how if anything happened to the twins then it would all be Mrs Johnstone’s fault.

Right at the beginning of the play, where the mother, Mrs Johnstone, is singing, the audience gets that feeling that she is a lonely and heart broken woman, who is having money problems and is in need of a loving husband. Then when she makes the deal with Mrs Lyons the audience feels even more sorry for her because she is so blind and trusting that she can’t see behind Mrs Lyons mask and she can’t see how as soon as she has sworn on the bible, Mrs Lyons attitude towards her changes. ” No.

No, I want to do the shopping from now on. “, this shows that she has started to change because she doesn’t want Mrs Johnstone to buy anything for her future child because she doesn’t want her to get any more involved with her future child and is planning on doing everything for the child herself, however what the audience sees, Mrs Johnstone doesn’t. She doesn’t see through Mrs Lyons pretence and just continues with her work which gives the audience the feeling that she is a bit dense and is misled easily.

Mrs Lyons is presented as the villain in the play because she is the one that manipulates Mrs Johnstone, she causes the twins separation, she is the one that gets paranoid about Mrs Johnstone taking Eddie and she is the one who kills both Eddie and Mickey even though she made the superstition and told Mrs Johnstone that she would be the one who would cause the twins death. This shows the audience that all the bad things happen to her because she was the one who caused the corrupt consequences and it feels a bit like karma, (what goes around, comes around).

Mrs Johnstone is presented as the ideal mother image, she loves her children, she doesn’t mean anyone any harm, she is a bit superstitious, but her hearts in the right place and she only give Eddie to Mrs Lyons because she is desperate and she has no other options, otherwise she would have never done anything so immoral. I think that Mrs Lyons herself is so desperate for a child that she goes blind and all she can see is Mrs Johnstone’s twins and her chance for a child.

I think that her desperation for a child causes her to lose her morals and all she can see throughout the play is her child and how she can keep him, she doesn’t think about anything else and lets others suffer so long as she gets to keep her child. I believe that Mrs Johnstone is again desperate, but for an entirely different reason and it is perhaps their desperation that brings Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons together and they help each other in their time of need, but then go against each other when they each realize the effects of their deceit.

In conclusion I think that the audience feels sorry for both mothers and they also feel a bit sad at the ending because Mrs Lyons superstition came true and both twins did die. I feel sorry for Mrs Lyons because what she wanted the most, a child, she lost and it was she herself who caused his death, all because of her stubbornness and for her pride of not giving in to Mrs Johnstone.

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