The Place Of Pornography In Society

The rising debate concerning pornography has stirred and separated societies in the way it promotes the concept of free speech while at the same time disregarding values and morals of a particular ideology. Such variation in the spectrum of interpretation has left the debate in a controversial and difficult position. In the end, it all boils down to the capabilities of an individual to synthesize the issue not on the perspectives of bias or subjectivity, but how objectively facts will point out to the reality.

The chapter highlighted and elaborated on the important arguments and facts concerning the issue of pornography in the United States.

Seeking to showcase an evolutionary framework, the author has pointed out the controversial and important issues besetting pornography. By showing the different viewpoints among varied sectors in society, the reader can have an active look of the arguments that are in place. Each part can be subdivided to the several accounts of people who justify the place of pornography in society and also its relative critics who deem it to be immoral and unjust.

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The first part of the argument deals with the evolution of how censorship had deemed the freedom of expressing one’s idea towards a certain field or art.

A typical era or period history has seen manifestation of social control over what is considered lewd and indecent. According to (‘The First Amendment’) “over the centuries different generations have defined and redefined what is considered publicly indecent. ” (p. 270) The next section of the chapter focuses on the controversial film and the characterization of Larry Flynt.

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The movie; The People vs. Larry Flynt, has been hounded by controversy and criticisms over its detractors. Furthering the argument, the chapter focused on several comments given by members of the media that manifest a support for the film.

On the other side, the points of critics were also shown in the article so as to balance and maintain an objective course. Seeing this, Flynt and its supporters including the director and staff argue on behalf of the First Amendment and free speech and the man’s dedication over things while critics’ arguments circumvent on moral and degenerative issues it creates among women, children and American society as a whole. The next section of the chapter highlights the arguments for and against controlling the propagation of indecent materials over the internet.

It can be argued that the rise of technology not only gave more accesses to children but at the same time stimulated and enhanced the industry of pornography. The article shows the failure of the Communications Decency Act to promote such efforts of control pornography in the internet. The (‘The First Amendment’) chapter states that “the court, while disagreeing about some issues in the case, unanimously concluded that reducing online communication to a safe-kids standard is unconstitutional” (p. 290). This basis is again garnered and derived from the First Amendment Rule.

With this, the article again presented arguments for and against the Supreme Court ruling. It showcased the positive effects it can do to create information about certain relevant things deemed immoral and obscene by several people. On the other hand, seeking the protection of the innocent and children have catapulted critics into disagreeing to the arguments presented by the court. (‘The First Amendment’) article states that “there is no reason that the laws that govern the distribution of the other “indecent” material to children in the form of magazines and videos should not apply in the internet as well (p. 94)” Analysis After seeing and reading the arguments presented by both supporters and critics alike of pornography, several issues can be seen. First is that every argument mentioned revolves around a particular principle. For supporters it involves the issue of freedom of speech and expression. While on the other hand, the issue of values and morality surround critics’ views. Second, the idea of establishing the foundation of which side is right remains to be difficult since both arguments for and against the issue of pornography hold their equivalent ground.

Looking closer on the arguments of curtailing pornography, there are indeed striking wiles concerning its total control. Craven argues that “most rational people can agree that behavior that does harm could be categorized as immoral, evil or wrong” (p. 6). Such belief is rooted on several values and ideals promoted by an individual’s affiliation. On the other hand, proponents and advocates wouldn’t care less especially if the issue of pornography raises the economic status of individuals. The profitability of the new industry especially with the consistent development of technology makes it feasible for individuals to dwell in the practice.

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission says that “pornography revenue exceeds the combined revenues of all professional, baseball, football, and basketball franchises and the combined revenues of ABC, CBS, and NBC. ” (p. 1) Seeing such patronage only means one thing, people tolerate pornography. I am not saying that it should be left alone. There must be a responsible practice among members of society to actively regulate the amount of information given. This especially applies to children below 18 years of age.

By doing this, children are protected from whatever information that can be obtained from these websites. In addition, monitoring mechanisms must be put in place to safeguard the interest of children. In the end, though the debate concerning pornography may reach a stalemate, each individual has the capability to ask responsibly. Yes, the principles of values, freedom, and morality are all in place. What individuals must do is to create a responsible practice of these actions. By doing so, they may have an objective approach in dealing with the said issue.

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The Place Of Pornography In Society

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