Pizza Hut: A Global Fast Food Leader in Sri Lanka's Keels Restaurants Franchise

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The Pizza Hut is one of the taking fast nutrient fabrication companies in the universe. The Keels Restaurants is the franchise holder for Sri Lanka and Maldives, Keels eating house is subordinate company of John Keels Group which is one of the largest companies in Sri Lanka. Currently Pizza Hut has extended to 15 mercantile establishments and 2 express mercantile establishments.

Harmonizing to their selling statistics place bringing system brings more net incomes to the company. It ‘s because the clients prefer more to hold their fast nutrient at their places itself.

Particularly during the showery season people do non wish to travel out. So the Pizza Hut does n’t wish to lose their net incomes during this period. They have many sorts of localised Pizza bill of fare to carry through the local favours.

Because of such ground they have introduced the bringing system to administer the Pizzas to maintain up their clients. The client needs merely to give a call to their hotline.

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There after the call centre take the duty to supply their favourite Pizza to their door measure.

Current System Analysis

General procedure boulder clay basking a Pizza at your door measure.

When a client a call to the Pizza Hut hotline ( 011-2729729 ) the call connects to the call centre situated in Dehiwala. Then they are asked the following inside informations from the client.

* Clients ‘ Name.

* Clients ‘ phone figure.

Presently the call centre is unfastened from 11am to 11pm during weekends and it is unfastened from 11am to 10pm during weekdays.

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During this clip to maintain up the call quality they tempt to reply the calls within 3seconds and end within 2:30 proceedingss, thenceforth they call back the client with another extension to do the hotline available for a new company.

When they call back if the client is a new individual following inside informations are added into their database,

* Clients ‘ Name.

* Clients ‘ Phone figure.

* Address.

* Payment manner ( If they are willing to pay with recognition cards or hard currency )

* Landmarks. ( Colour of the Gate, Any celebrated topographic points near by, etc… )

When a new mercantile establishment is opened they include a street map to their system within the scope that they are anticipating to cover. At this point they divide the metropolis into grids and they make switches specifying which country belongs to which Pizza Hut mercantile establishment.

As a consequence when they inquire the clients about the reference the grid Index they have created helps the call centre operator to ideality the topographic points easy.

If the client had contacted the bringing system before the system will demo all the old orders/transactions if there was a demand. After the order is taken and confirmed the internal procedure existences.

When the order is approved by the call centre, the 3C waiter in the call centre will bring forth a message and sends to the nearest mercantile establishment kitchen of that peculiar client. This includes the bill which includes all the necessary inside informations for the employees at the kitchen to fix and a Pizza bringing individual to take it to the doorsill.

To maintain up the quality they prepare the order within 15 proceedingss and the bringing procedure is covered within 15 proceedingss. The mark of the whole procedure is 30 proceedingss, but if there are any ineluctable fortunes this can widen for a upper limit of 45 proceedingss. If the bringing procedure exceeds 1 hr the client can claim the Pizza order without paying for it. It is a Pizza Hut policy made to maintain up the consumer trust.

When a client order a Pizza through their website the same procedure happens carried out but at that point the client is facilitated Gift Pizzas to person harmonizing to the occasional demand with tickets needed such as “ Good Pizza for Great friends ” , “ Happy Birthday ” , “ Praises ” , etc…

Support information of the procedure.

Presently the package which Pizza Hut Delivery system usage is 3C ( Complete Computer Consultation ) , and this package is created and maintained by a Canadian called Mr. Tony with aid of his subsidiaries.

Harmonizing to Mr. Daminda the director of the Dehiwala subdivision, by and large the staff of a Pizza Hut mercantile establishment has strengthen with approximately 30 individuals, but this vary harmonizing to the mercantile establishment, and this staff has approximately 10 individuals for the bringing service since by and large most of the gross revenues of an mercantile establishment carry more weight age towards place bringings.

The Pizza Hut introduces a new Pizza to their bill of fare one time a month and they remove a Pizza that has non made a good sale during that peculiar month.

Summary of their Delivery Information system.

* Input signals:

o Customer Details ( From the Call centre )

A§ Customers name.

A§ Customers Address.

A§ Payment manner.

A§ Pizza bill of fare points.

o Outlet inside informations ( From the Mercantile establishments )

A§ Available Pizza bringing personals.

o General Details

A§ Pizza Names, monetary values, sizes, etc…

* Procedure:

o Customer Information proof.

O Checking the handiness of the mercantile establishments for bringing personals.

o Generating a measure to the nearest mercantile establishment kitchen.

o Generating a measure to the client.

O Reaching the relevant external terminuss.

* Storage:

o Customer Details.

O Customers ‘ old orders.

o Customer feedbacks.

o Outlet information.

* Communication:

o The 3C waiter in the call centre handles the chief web.

o Dumb terminuss in mercantile establishments executing the undertakings given by the waiters.

* Computer systems used in the call centre:

o HP D220 NT

o 1.1 GHz Processor.

o 256MB RAM.

o 20 GB Hard disc.

o Keyboard.

o UNIX Operating System.

* Medium used to present Pizzas:

O Hero Honda CD100.

o Bajaj CT100

o Standard bringing velocity within the Grid is 40 KM/h

Current Problems

Pizza Huts Problem work outing principals

A· Never let a client leave unhappy

A· Solve a job before it becomes a ailment

A· Treat the client that you want to be treated

A· Never argue with the client

A· Never blame other crew members

Harmonizing to the Dehiwala subdivision supervisor Mr. Rohitha Wimalgunawardane, the system they presently use is perfect, except for few defects but he said they do n’t consequence that much and they are to the full satisfied with what they have got.

But when we where transporting out our interviews we felt that with the entree rights and duties that they have assigned although they are satisfied the direction might hold jobs, so we interviewed Mr. Daminda, The director of Dehiwala subdivision.

His sentiment was unless if there are n’t any companies coming up to make place bringings such as KFC or Mc-Donald they do n’t necessitate any alterations with the current Information system and it can carry through all their timely demands.

When we interviewed the IT section of Union topographic point where they handle the whole 3C package, Mr. Preshan Silva said there are many jobs they face clip to clip.

Harmonizing to him their package can non full fill following demands.

* Updating the package – Since all the rights are received by the Canadian company the local governments ca n’t make any alterations. Even if they need any alterations needed they have to inform it to Mr. Tony who is commanding the 3C web from Canada to make the relevant alteration and update but the opportunities of package being updated is really less since the precedence given to Sri Lankan mercantile establishments is low.

o The field width given for Entering publicities and employee codifications is 8 and it is non satisfied to the direction.

A§ Ex. If there is a Promotion for Cricket universe cup they have to come in to the system with a format such as “ CRIC_PRO ” , which sometimes is non at all convenient for the consumers when they are given the measure.

* Report bring forthing manners – System has its ain manner of study bring forthing method which the Sri Lankan governments believe it is outdated and can non carry through their demands. Besides the system has non given the direction to custom-make their studies consequently.

* System is non on-line – Although the minutess are done instantly and the bringings are taken off. The gross revenues and the stocks are non updated instantly ; harmonizing to Mr. Preshan the direction needs a system which is online.

o Presently a scheduled batch processing method is used and its procedure is a follows.

A§ An mercantile establishment study is generated at 12:00am taking all the yearss minutess and sent to the 3C chief server situated in Dehiwala.

A§ Those dealing studies are so regenerated into one chief study as a sum-up from the chief waiter at 12:30am. And it is compared with the call centre orders set abouting study, to corroborate that the twenty-four hours ‘s bringings are successfully delivered and non defects have taken topographic point.

A§ There after a backup is send to their backup waiter at 1:00am.

A§ After the concluding studies are sent to the chief subdivision which is situated at Union topographic point, the direction can analyse the old yearss gross revenues information, this concluding study is call SAP.

Security and Ethnical Issues


They have used the entree degrees consequently giving the precedences of the staff members with this entree rights controlling, the top direction can log into all the degrees and all the inside informations available in the system.

But when it comes down in the occupation place the information and information they can see or redact is controlled.

To maximise the security they have given different security watchwords for different systems and harmonizing to the employees.


Chiefly there is an issue with maintaining up bringing clip due to Halal nutrient point orders. Whenever a Muslim client order a Pizza, the call centre is responsible to present Halal nutrients using their limited Halal nutrient mercantile establishments ( Kolpity and Dehiwala ) . In order to do Halal bill of fare they have to utilize separate kitchen equipments to maintain away from blending non-Halal nutrients.

When there is a publicities carryout universe specially advertizements there are times which they ca n’t make the same publicity with the same manner due to cultural and cultural grounds in Sri Lanka.


* Currently their chief demand is to hold separate package from the 3C package solution they have provided with limited rights allocated.

o As a solution they can give the package development to a local package company and acquire a flexible and an efficient system to make full their demands.

* They can implement a SMS telling system in add-on to the SMS enquiry system ( 0777-729729 ) they presently have.

* When there is a new Pizza they can advance their Pizza by directing e-mail presentments with attractive descriptions and images.


We believe with this undertaking we gained an overall and crisp image of an Information system as we learned in our faculty at APIIT Lanka.

As it is explained throughout the undertaking, Pizza Hut is presently working under system which is created with world-wide criterions but still in order to give the best client satisfaction it needs to be more flexible and efficient to run into the local demands.

Particularly the suggestion of giving the package development to a local company, because the 3C package solution is recommended for mercantile establishments worldwide, but they are given the freedom to travel for a dependable package solution if there is a demand.

We as a group managed to travel through a critical analysis through the current system and managed to calculate out their procedure in the present system and besides to propose the slightest alterations that we believe that they should implement in the close hereafter to beef up their current procedure.


* Damith W. , ( Personal Communication, March 23rd, 2007 ) : Pizza Hut, Dehiwala

* Pullenayegam R. , ( Personal Communication, March 23rd, 2007 ) : Pizza Hut, Call Centre, Dehiwala.

* Rasitha R.J. , Information Systems: Lecture Notes, in March 2007, Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology, Sri Lanka.

* Silva P. , ( Personal Communication, March 23rd, 2007 ) : Pizza Hut, Union Place.

* Wimalgunawardane R. , ( Personal Communication, March 23rd, 2007 ) : Pizza Hut, Call Centre.



Harmonizing to the assignment standard we were grouped with three members in a group and our group members were Sapumal Mayuranga, Haneez Haroon and Sajith Perera. During the first three yearss we choose a group leader. As we all agreed we choose Haneez Haroon as our group leader.

First of all we discussed and elected a company to make our industrial analysis. As we all agreed we decided to make our research about Pizza Hut system. But because of the system is excessively big we decided to make the analysis merely about the bringing system of Pizza Hut. We decided to that because it is one of the taking Pizza distributers in Sri Lanka and every bit good as in universe. Then we got the permission from our lector Ms. Rasitha sing this.

The chief subdivision of Pizza Hut is situated in brotherhood topographic point. And it ‘s close to our institute. During the 2nd hebdomad we went to the chief subdivision and met the selling executive Mr.Jehan Noor and discussed about this. He gave some thoughts to us. And so he said that we can acquire more information by reaching Dehiwala subdivision, because Dehiwala is the topographic point where Pizza Hut call Centre situated.

Then during 3rd hebdomad we visited the call Centre every bit good as the Dehiwala Pizza Hut mercantile establishment. Then from there we received some of import information about bringing system. We had a treatment with the director of the Dehiwala mercantile establishment Mr.Daminda every bit good as the supervisor of the call centre Mr. Rajive Pukkenayegam.

Workload matrix




( CB002346 )


( CB002291 )


( CB002288 )


Identifying the undertaking activities.



Fixing undertaking program.




Delegating the members to activities.





Permission missive and assignments.









Current System Analysis




Current Problems Analysis.




Security and Ethnical Issues.












Proof reading.



Printing & A ; Cadmium Burning



… … … … … … … … .. … … … … … … … … .. … … … … … … … … .

Haneez Haroon Sapumal Mayuranga Sajith Perera

Weekly studies

Week1: ( February 19th to 26th )

* Selected a group leader.

* Selected a company to make the analysis.

Week2: ( February 26th to 5th March )

* Got the permission from our talk Ms. Rasitha.

* Organized a meeting to discourse how we get into the occupation.

* Made some inquiries to inquire from the director.

Week3: ( March 5th to 12th )

* We met the selling executive Mr. Jehan Noor and informed the thing that we are be aftering to make.

* We missed out the things because we did n’t acquire the right information from them.

* We had a group treatment about what are the actions we take to work out the jobs.

Week4: ( March 12th to 19th )

* Again we went to run into the Mr. Jehan Noor and discussed about the affair.

* Then we got some information and for more he arranged a manner to acquire them from Dehiwala mercantile establishment.

Week5: ( March 19th to 31st )

* We went to Dehiwala mercantile establishment and interviewed the director Mr. Daminda and got the information.

* Went to the call Centre and got all the inside informations from Mr. Rajiv Pullenayegan.

* With the inside informations we received we started the certification.

Week6: ( April 1st to April 3rd )

* Finalizing the papers & A ; entry to APIIT LANKA and Pizza Hut!

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