The Philippine Massacre Essay

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The Philippine Massacre

The Philippine massacre has been dubbed as the worst political killing in Philippine history, speculated to have been spiraled by laws approved by the Philippine government. A law passed to combat domestic terror that has been thought to uncover the blanket of a political power storm. And while we are appalled at the necessity to have a law to counter-terrorism, efforts worldwide have their own laws as a line of defense to combat terrorist. Of course the law that is look upon is the patriot act of the US, enacted right after September 11.

No doubt the question on its effectiveness on using the law as a basis of counter- terrorism raises controversy, as one may question of what these laws will impinge upon. The Government argues that these laws are necessary to maintain security in the country. Yet critic has protested that the law has only brought endless problem. Given the negative result after enacting the law on countering terrorism, it is doubtful for the full effectiveness in countering terrorism. Most of the time such law that were passed counters the meaning for counter-terrorism, which is to prevent and counteract terrorism.

I object violence because when it appears to do good, the good is temporary; the evil that it does is permanent. ” Mahatma Gandhi Despite the funds and efforts to combat terrorism globally, government finds it necessary in enacting laws in their country so as to prevent terrorist attacks. The government feels that the country will be safer with greater homeland security protocol. This is a debatable perspective because the governments still fail to see the underlying cause of terrorism. The underlying reasons that leads ordinary people to aggressive behavior.

Although we cannot deny the complexity in dealing the issue of terrorism, we can however point out the exception to this; we can dissect the problem into finding good solution. Enacting such law that was meant to suppress terrorism can be counterproductive as it will benefit political parties that seek to take advantage for their own political agenda. Politics take advantage in the loophole of the law to monopolize for their own personal gain. On the other hand, politics have always had their way to attain political dominance.

The executive order that has been enacted by then president of the Arroyo administration enforced in 2006[1], pointed out by the critics, shows that such laws has create more problems than countering terrorism. This gave the political parties to have private armies under the pretext of combating terrorism and preserving national security. Even more concerning is that the funds and equipment meant for counter-terrorism was channel to the governing parties. After the massacre happened, it began to expose the alleged clan abusing their power.

Using their power to have a tight grip on the people, the message they try to relay is to instill fear in the people, a proven result of getting a majority of votes. These votes ensure their political status. “Don’t criticize them; they are just what we would be under similar circumstances. ” ? Abraham Lincoln On a fair note, the government cannot be held totally responsible; things may not always turn out to be the way they are expected to be. Despite the aggressive strategies to root out terrorism, the law that is used to counteract terrorism is widely accepted as a winning tool to safeguard the safety of the people.

In reality, the governments using force on terrorism will only cultivate the next generation of terrorist that will evolve with different ideology or maybe just to fight to seek justice for the slain of their love ones. Although we cannot deny the complication in counteracting terrorism, we can however point out the exception to this; we can solve complication by having a soft approach rather than the hard approach. An analogy on why counteracting with force is not totally a good idea is that it will create a brutal mentality effect on both sides.

This brutal mentality effect is actually a psychological effect on people making his mind to begin to accept that using violence is the only key to solving problems. A set of belief that one attain superiority by using violence, which means that one, must be aggressive to take control in any situation. Thus killing has become the main justification for having total control. This effect has show in the mind of the alleged penetrator that orchestrated the Philippine massacre in 2009 which shows grim picture of the atrocity and exposes the underworld of politics. 2] Up to this day, 153 media personnel have been reported murdered in the Philippines since 1986, 37 died in 2009 making the year 2009 to place Philippine as the most dangerous place topping even that of Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the international community of journalists. [3]

This political silencing of the media gave a new trend of violence, making the penetrator untouchable. The slowness of justice in apprehending the penetrator that orchestrated the massacre will only gives the impression the lacking of justice. A close example in the global issue is the Red hand (La Main Rouge). During the Algerian war of independence (1954-1962) it emerged as an obscure counterterrorist organization on the French side. Between 1956 and 1961, the Red Hand targeted the network of arms suppliers for the Algerian Front de Liberation Nationale (FLN) and executed hits against rebel emissaries both in Western Europe and in North Africa. Today, there is consensus among scholars that the Red Hand had been set up by the French foreign intelligence service in order to strike at the subversive enemy. This makes the Red Hand a telling example of state terrorism and its capacity for unrestricted violence in ‘emergency’ situations.

Since the Red Hand’s counterterrorist acts ultimately proved to be futile and due to the repercussions caused in France as well. ”[3] This illustrate to show efforts to counteract terrorism has turned into a state terror crisis. State terrorism mutated from the effect of counter-terrorism. In conclusion, the war on terror seems futile through enforcement of laws. Creating laws without understanding the true nature of terrorism will only create to more problems than benefits to the nation. Laws that were meant to safeguard the people, actually impinge on the rights of the people. Corruption arises due to laws that have hidden political agenda.

Laws which complicated the problem; it creates to a new kind of terror that shock the Philippines. We can learn that counter terrorism produce negative effect in the long haul. The law on counter terrorism has proven counterproductive because it creates a ripple effect at the people at large. It takes more than just laws to counter terrorism. We can relate this above example which exposes the true problem involving the political culture as a whole. Comparing the problems with counter- terrorism made in other countries gives the same indication of problems. Human nature tends to counter violence with more violence.

Doesn’t it rhyme with the saying of fighting fire with fire? The fire will not diminish through force; it can be fought with other alternative. It can be through educating the public for prevention of terrorism. The public can be vigilant on the suspicious terror behavior before it succeeds to develop chaos. Mediation can be use as a tool in accomplishing peace. Mediation could spell out the solution to the grievance of the related party. This gives a resemblance to Singapore efforts on counter-terrorism. Learning through history dated back during the confrontation of the communist terror threat.

Able to have a case study with other countries gives Singapore an idea of having public involvement as a key to stem out terrorism. Counseling the terrorist and also the families stops the generation of terror. However these will not dictate that terrorism will not emerge in the future, although it helps by taking note of how terrorism has evolved into. The general remedy to counter-terrorism is to prevent from making terrorist and winning a war of ideas before it emerges as a terrorist threat. Having a research on terrorism analysis, eventually will leads to solving the problem effectively.

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