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The Phases of Life

We are born to this world to feel hatred, pain, happiness, heartbreak, anger, fear, sadness, being trust and distrust, devastation, love and the different phases of life. The unfairness and gladness, that’s we called life. According to Albert Einstein, “Life is like a riding bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Before you learn to ride in a bicycle, you must get hurt first but it doesn’t mean you’ll stop doing it because hurt can make you stronger and braver.

The two wheel represent your life, sometimes your up, sometimes your down. Always remember that those wheel has no edges, means you must keep going even if your on the road that full of stones. Stones represent challenges; you must be brave and have trust in yourself. That is life, in every disappointment you’ll get and every happiness you’ll take, you must keep moving. Just like when my innocent’s lost, I’m slowly facing the real meaning of life.

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Way back when I’m inside my mothers’ womb. I’m naive, unfleshed and my body and my soul covers innocence. My brain begins to go through development changes. At the age of 6, when my mind develops and I reach childhood, there were no computer games, no cable TV and definitely no internet. But, we did have a wild and creative imagination and playing with my sister and friends at our province.

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I experienced my childhood momentous memories with my best childhood friends at our province. Me and my sister guarded by my caring grandmother and cool three uncles. My parents are working here at Manila for us.

I’m contented with my life back then, playing Rock-Paper-Scissors, Patintero, Chinese Garter, hide and seek, strolling in our neighbours’ friends and finding ghost house, sleep over, roaming in plaza, walking along the river, playing with my three handsome uncles, going to market with my lovely grandmother, storytelling with my superb auntie, eat so much food because you don’t care what will you look like when you get fat, you don’t care with your body and how your hair looks like. You always look like a mess after playing outside the street, you don’t care how your dress smells. It seems like everyday in your life feels perfectly. The only time you feel down when your still a child is scolding by your guardian and start crying not realizing that they are only advising. Your always alert to hide when they already have a piece of slipper or belt.

Every time you remember the past memories and the funny things, you keep asking to yourself “Did I really do that?”. You will miss the stupidity things you did in the past. Less problems, free from complicated life and your still innocent. Everthing in this world will change. Our life is temporary so live your life to the fullest. You don’t know what will happen in the near future. Just like my life, many things has changed.

Many years passed, after I leaved at my province and since 7 years old I already here at Manila with my parents to continue our study. I lost my communication with my childhood friends. Because of environment I’m living today, I found new friends and bestfriends. We forgot each other. They all still together but me and my sister separates between our friendship. This is life so we must accept all changes. When I was 10 years of age, my eyes and my mind opened in the unfairness of life. I saw how my mother felt broken and devastated when my father cheated on her two times.

I saw her how she cries a lot. How my grandmother in Manila discriminates us when we was younger. How my cousins ignored and disrespect us. How my parents suffer when my younger sister always at the hospital in the middle of strong typhoon. This stage of life you’ll see the difference between real friends and fake friends, the respectable and disrespectable person you will encounter. If others respect you, respect them. If they disrespect you, still respect them. Do not allow the actions of others decrease your good manners, because you represent yourself, not others. Stop trying to please everyone to respect you, they will respect you if you are worthy respected.

In the year 2013, the most important lesson I learned in my life is to gain happiness. Despite of all challenges, trials, past memories, unexpected thing, random people you met in your life that leaves a mark and to the people who leaves you, always remember that some people go but some people replace in your life. There is one person who will change your poor attitude, accepts all your flaws and still love you whatever your past is.

In life, there are always be unexpected things and problems happened. We come across many challenges that we want to end our life. That we think that there is no solution to our problem. Were not realizing that nothing in this world is bigger than God. In any decisions we will take, we must take the consequence and learn from it. We need how to handle it correctly and properly. Majority of us want to give up but the one who won’t give oneself up will be the ones to face the brighter side in the darker side of the day.

Just like our life is like a riding bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving. In order to be healthy emotionally and mentally, you should move past any bad memories. And look towards the future. I also think it might be about not over thinking things as well. At the end of the road your taking off, that is your future. Believe in yourself, your confidence will lead you to success and happiness. Don’t be afraid to get hurt, because getting hurt is a big part of your life. If you don’t have ups and downs in life. It simply means your dead.

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The Phases of Life

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