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The Phantom of the Opera Essay

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The phantom of the opera is e novel by a French writer Gaston Lecroux. It was first published us a serialization in a French daily newspaper named “Le Gaulois” from September 1909 to January 1910. This story sold very poorly upon publication

In book form and it was even out of print several times during the twentieth century . But the book is overshadowed by the success of its various film and stage adaptations

The most notable of these were the 1925 American silent horror film depiction and Andrew Webbers Musical on 1986

The story take place in Paris on nineth century and is a romantic drama with a little action .

There are three main characters , Eric , Christine and Raoul. Un fortuanally they are a love triangle with cristine in the middle .

Raoul was cristine; s childhood friend . He saved her scarf from the sea and since they remained friends.

Cristine’s mother and father both being dead and she lives with Mamma Valerious , the elderly window of her father’s benefecrtor

Cristine’s father was a famous fiddler who played folk music and during her childhood Cristine listen many stories from her father about the “Angel of Music” who is the personification of musical inspiration.

Before he died told her and Roul the story of Little Lotte , a girl who is visited by the Angel of the Music and possesses a heavenly voice

Eventually Christine take a position in the chorus at the Paris Opera House. She begins hearing a beautiful, unearthly voice which sings to her and speaks to her. She believes this must be the Angel of Music and asks him if he is. The Voice agrees and offers to teach her “a little bit of heaven’s music”. The Voice, however, belongs to Erik, a physically deformed and mentally disturbed charismatic genius who was one of the architects who took part in the construction of the opera. He has been extorting money from the Opera’s management for many years.

Erik kidnaps Christine to his home in the cellars. He plans to keep her there only a few days, hoping she will come to love him, and Christine begins to find him attractive but when she unmask him feeil horror by his ugly face which according to the book, resembles the face of a rotting corpse. Erik change his plans and he decides to keep her with him forever, but when Christine requests release after two weeks, he agrees on condition that she wear his ring and be faithful to him.

Up on the roof of the opera house, Christine tells Raoul of Erik taking her to the cellars. Raoul promises to take Christine away where Erik can never find her and to take her even if she resists. Raoul tells Christine he shall act on his promise the following day, to which Christine agrees, but she pities Erik and will not go until she has sung for him one last time. Christine then realizes the ring has slipped off her finger and fallen into the streets somewhere, and begins to panic. The two leave. But neither is aware that Erik has been listening to their conversation or that it has driven him to jealous frenzy. During the week and that night, Erik had been terrorizing anyone who stood in his way or in that of Christine’s career, including the managers.

The following night, Erik kidnaps Christine during a production of Faust (by drugging the gas men and switching the lights off, he spirits Christine off the stage before anyone turned the lights on). Back in the cellars, Erik tries to force Christine into marriage. If she refuses he will destroy the entire opera house and everyone inside with explosives he haw in the cellar

Then Cristine realise that Raoul and Persian , an old friend of Eric’s from the past hae come to resue jer but they are trapped in Eric;s torture chamber. Attemping to save the people above she agrees to marry Eric. Raul and Percian find a way to escape and they fall into where Eric keeps the barrels of gunpowder.

Fortunately, the Persian, Raoul, and Christine escaped and Erik is broken-hearted and asks them to bury him with the gold ring when he died. When the advertisement is published that “Erik is dead,” they make sure that Erik is buried next the lake.

The author claims the truth of the existence of Erik. He tells that Christine and Raoul eloped to the Scandinavia. He also says that they found a skeleton under the Opera house,a skeleton which he attributes to the Opera ghost

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