The Personal Life Goals

My life up until now has been great, and I am sure it will continue that way. There are a lot of things that have happened to me and have changed me and the way I think. | feel the best things I do are mainly sports. I also do good voice impressions, I only feel insecure when people in other countries that have problems much worse than ours. I get comfonable by lying down on my bed and listening to music.

For me, outdoor life is much better than indoor life. I hope to spend the rest of my life in the outdoors in the tropical sun I am not that skilled with my hands or my brain, but I can do well athletically. Solo is much better for me, I love to be on my own. I really crave travel, by myself mostly. It started this summer when I went to Baia, Mexico on my own. Baja is the western state of Mexico along the Pacific.

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I saw many things on that trip that I could never imagine; the month I spent in Baja was the best month of my life. I also went to Santa Barbra for about one week and went to LA. for two days too. My attitude towards marriage is that I would, but she would have to be satisfied with moving around a lot, because I will never be in the same place for very long.

My views on life are very different than my parents, I want to experience all that I can while my parents discourage that and say Settle down now, and save your money! I certainly hope that I dont repeat the pattern of my childhood.

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I want to take my kids to Fiji and show them the world The farthest I went when I was a kid was Ontario. My kids will be in the south pacific by the time they are 12. I believe when you die you go to heaven or hell, and you stay there for eternity, it is your choice to go where you 2 Want, it is very easy to go to hell. but the road is much narrower to go to heaven. I sincerely believe that we can shape our own futures; some people will just take what they are dealt. but not me, as soon as I am done school my first ambition is to leave this place, this ambition has not changed at all from the time I went away this summer. My parents both work, my mom babyrsits children while my dad is in the Navy, Within ten years I hope to be traveling the south Pacific. same for thirty years. These are most of my life goals in a nutshell. I know I will fulfill all these things someday. IJLISt can not wait to get out of Canada.

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