The Person That I Admire: Angelina Jolie

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Wonderful and gorgeous woman does not always come in cheap. There is lot of demoralizing and inhumane accusations being thrown to them and their attitude is something that always gets two-thumbs up from the people around them. However, given the kind of attitude where you are humble enough to look back on your past with out letting your superstardom go up to your head and extending help to the needy is something that critics and fans alike will agree of.

The person I admire most that is presently living is Angelina Jolie.

She may be an actress who does nothing but act in front of the camera and make paparazzi go wild every time she pass by but still there is something in her personality that is very amiable to any person in any age and social class.

To this date, she is someone that she used to dream of. She has a wonderful family, a career in Hollywood, a gorgeous husband, and beautiful children.

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However, she did not content herself to these things. Her cause to help the needy, the poor and the sick spread all over the world and even influenced other Hollywood stars to support her mission.

With her attitude on helping the needy and being humble enough are the traits that I look up to. Through her, I learned how to be generous on extending my hand to those who needs assistance; the poor, the malnourished and the homeless. She made me idolize her because of this given characteristics and only then did I knew, she is a wonderful and gorgeous woman packed with a very big heart.

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All the things that she works for is voluntary and she does not consider it a sacrifice since she understands how wealthy she is and how deprived her brothers and sisters who are living in Africa is. With that, she considers herself as someone who is very lucky to have been blessed with all the things she has now.

“It’s not a humanitarian thing, because I don’t see it as a sacrifice. It’s a gift. We’re all lucky to have each other.” ( June 2008. 9 June 2008)

From all the things that I saw from her, involving in humanitarian and voluntary causes are some of the best things in life for me now. Without her constant reminder to the public that we are lucky enough to have lived in the States and not starve or anything else, it made me realize that how come a superstar does those things and a simple and ordinary person like me cannot?

Of all the many influential women, it is Jolie who did not have any second thoughts on helping out our hunger-stricken brothers in Africa. To even testify her love for helping the poor she even adopted a daughter and treated this child as her own. She clothed her, gave her food, loved and cared for her at the most; all this is because she wanted to help the little girl and to rescue her from the hard way of living in Africa.

What made more look up to her is the fact that despite all the time and effort she have exerted in helping others, she still does not consider it not as harmful as devoting your time to making movies. And with all the things she did, she was able to realize that through the humanitarian works she have done, her voice was heard from all over the world, not because she is an actress but because her cause is something worthwhile.

“This work has given me a voice and an understanding of our world. Once you have seen what you must do, how can you stop doing what you can, whatever it costs you?" ( June 2008. 9 June 2008)

With all her traits and attitude, I was moved on making her as someone that I should look up to and imitate. All the works she have done is material especially to the people whom she has touched lives with. And all the sacrifices, although she does not want to call it that way, paid off whenever she did a good well done.

For some reasons, I began to involve myself to humanitarian activities the same way she did. Even though I won’t be able to equal the things that Angelina Jolie have contributed, I know in my own little way I am on the right track of following her and the things she has done.

Despite being as young as I am, I know I can contribute to something big in the years to come especially if I really focus on the things that I should do just like Jolie. Time will come, I will of better service to the needy and be rubbing elbows with her on the same humanitarian out reach program that we will both participate in.

Not even the glitz and glamour of an affluent family can make a person not involve in such causes. There are things we should be thankful for and all that Jolie have received was already paid off when she decided to devote herself to worthy activities like this. She is humble and a person who thinks not of herself but of others.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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