The Perfect Reflection Essay

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The Perfect Reflection

1.) Zeke and Finnigan changed after looking in the mirror because they felt like they realized that they weren’t alike at all. 2.) The mirror distorted Zeke and Finnigan’s “true reflection” because Zeke was a dog with a cat’s personality and Finnigan was a dog with a cat’s personality so when they saw themselves in the mirror it revealed something they’ve never seen before. 3.) Sometimes people block other people out because they don’t look a certain way and the way they look isn’t good enough in the eyes of other people. 4.) “The best reflection of ourselves is the one that we see in the eyes of a good friend” because a true friend sees you for who you really are and doesn’t judge you on your flaws. A good friend is one who sees the good inside of you and doesn’t judge what is on the outside.

Who should go out in Public?

1.) We could identify with Lisa because we know that it is wrong to leave people out because of your appearance and abilities on the outside. 2.) No it’s never right to exclude someone based on their appearance because its not what is on the outside that counts. 3.) Devin- If we were in Devin’s shoes we would have included Lindsay and made plans for her to meet our friends Lindsay- If we were Lindsay we would have spoke up and told Devin how we really felt. Lisa- If we were Lisa we would have told Devin that how he excluded Lindsay was wrong and he shouldn’t have been so worried to bring her around his friends. 4.)To make Lindsay fit in better Devin and his friends could have all hung out together at a soup café or go to the movies where not a lot of talking needs to be done.

A Body Fit for God

1.) We can learn that by becoming human right at the moment of conception, the Son will help people will understand that human life and the human body are sacred from the moment of conception.

2.) God wants human beings to understand that a person doesn’t become less valuable and a human body doesn’t loose its dignity just because it is weak, disfigures or in pain. The Son will accept suffering and weakness and God wont take away any of the wounds. Then maybe people will see the truth about the body.

The Fifth Commandment

1.) Every human life is valuable because God created it. No lives are more valuable than others because a human life is valuable even if it’s weak, in pain or old because we are all children of god. 2.) The fifth commandant calls us to treat others, as we would want to be treated, and to treat all human life with respect. 3.) The fifth commandment also forbids destroying human life. It also calls us to show that we appreciate the gift of life and health. We must not abuse food, alcohol, tobacco or medicine, and the use illegal drugs because they harm the body.

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