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The Perfect Career for Me

Categories: Dream CareerDream job

The perfect career for me is a Vet Technician. It’s hard to explain why I want to work with animals without using the classic statement “That I just love animals and love being around them.’ I want a career where there’re challenges and gives me new experiences. I have been around animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, rabbit babies, chinchillas, ferrets, goats, pigs, chickens, and a cute little dwarf hamster. While I was in high school, there was this school called R.

D. Anderson, where offered hands on experiences with your ideal career. I took Farm Animal Production and Small Animal Care. I simply loved taking those classes; it wasn’t just hands on activities. We took tests, took notes, learned about equipment, and learned about so many animals. We were taking care of animals like they were ours. There were also opportunities where you could take an animal home, that was exciting. With the chickens, we were raising them while they were babies to adults, the same with the pet pig.

We even got to have surgery on a fetal baby pig which was scary, but I learned something from it. I loved taking those classes. It’s something I absolutely enjoyed and proud of. In the Small Animals Care course, we were taught technical knowledge and skills for occupation in the pet industry or the companion animal industry that were related to the Veterinarian or Vet Technician field. As for the Farm Animal Production, we dealt with breeding, physiology, nutrition, health, housing, feeding, and marketing of farm animals.

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The fact that there’s a job where you are surrounded by animals while working; how when you’re working you get the opportunity to care for the animals and be close the pet owners and provide them advice on how to care for them more effectively. It’s a dream come true. All people who work in the medical field share the same common goal, and that’s to save lives and heal the ill. The medical field can be stressful and hard work. You must have teamwork and be able to take whatever coming through the door of your workplace. I know there will be a heartache and many challenges. Such as, seeing animals that have been abused and suffer a lack of nutrition. You must have the desire and ability to do it all. Seeing animals in pain instantly makes me want to aid them immediately. I always believed animals can have feelings and emotions just like us, and that they always deserved good care and treatment. While being a Vet Tech, you learn new things daily. Vet Techs have the choice to work in many places such as, animal hospitals, animal shelters, veterinary supply companies, diagnostic laboratory, wildlife centers and zoos.

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