The Perception of Multiculturalism and Its Negative Connotations in Teachers' Awareness of Multicultural Education and Diversity in School Settings

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The article I selected is “Teachers’ Awareness of Multicultural Education and Diversity in School Settings”. In this article, it addresses the perception of multiculturalism having negative connotations and combats that perception with the importance of multicultural education. A “qualitative case research was designed”(TonbuloÄ Ýlu, B.

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, Aslan, D., & Aydin, H. (2016) abstract) to seek teachers understanding of multicultural education and bring an urgent awareness to the forefront because teachers are obligated to create a learning classroom environment.

The article continues with several different definitions of multicultural education, suggested cultural sensitivity strategies, interview questions, data analysis, review of yearly lesson plans, and an approach to apprehension about multicultural education.

It revealed that the teachers thought were doing enough to address multiculturalism however, the study showed that the teachers were apprehensive. The article stated “However, when the responses submitted by teachers to the questions regarding the degree to which the school and class environments were appropriate for multicultural society, they expressed apprehensions that the introduction of multicultural education could lead to a division of students into groups, and that such a type of education could can the flames of discrimination and that the school infrastructure would not be able to endure such an educational ‘burden’, (TonbuloÄ Ýlu, B., Aslan, D., & Aydin, H. (2016) pg. 22-23).

Pedagogy of Inclusion: Integrated Multicultural Instructional Design addressed multicultural instructional design and how learning in a diverse environment can enhance the educational experience (Higbee, J. L., Schultz, J. L., & Goff, E. (2010). Pedagogy of inclusion: Integrated multicultural instructional design.

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Journal of College Reading and Learning, 41(1), 49-66). The article further discussed “Integrated Multicultural Instructional Design”, also known as IMID, and how it is from the perspective of first the learner and then the educator. This model was supposed to increase commitment to diversity and multiculturalism with complete buy-in from students, staff, and other support members.

Multicultural Education and Teacher’s Characteristics discusses the direct affect that teacher competences have on student achievement. It also addresses the “relationship between education and culture”, (Salgur, S. A., & Gursoy, A. (2015). MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION AND TEACHER’S CHARACTERISTICS. Euromentor Journal, 6(3), 7-17.) Students who are aware of the cultural importance is linked to respecting other cultures and understanding them. Teachers contribute to student development and learning by being well trained and having a solid curriculum. The study further stated that teachers should receive continuous training to meet their needs and the student’s needs. The attitude of the teacher should be positive and not focused on the differences of their students. Differences are not automatically problems.

Multicultural Education and Inter-Ethnic Attitudes: An Intergroup Perspective/Original Articles and Review is an article about multicultural education and how it can combat racism and discrimination. The study takes place in Europe involving several Dutch communities.

Items addressed are study of multicultural education, social psychological perspective, perceived ethnic discrimination, inter-ethnic attitudes, learning and norms, and multicultural benefits. This article attacks the issues of not having multicultural curriculum and lack of understanding multiculturalism.

Summary of Research Based on the articles I selected, I have to say that multiculturalism could be the solution to many problems that our society faces. I say that because in each article I researched, multiculturalism is mentioned with diversity. Developing an understanding of both multiculturalism and diversity will lead tosuccess in the classroom and in our society.

The article “Pedagogy of inclusion: Integrated multicultural Instructional design” brought out several points about the learning experience and how it will be enhanced if it included multicultural education and total buy-in from the school.

Multicultural Education and Teachers’ Characteristics stated very similar values and went on further to say that the “relationship between education and culture”, (Salgur, S. A., & Gursoy, A. (2015). MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION AND TEACHER’S CHARACTERISTICS. Euromentor Journal, 6(3), 7-17.) had a direct effect on their student achievement. I agree with these two articles because when you have a classroom full of students from different cultural backgrounds, you can’t ignore their cultures. In my opinion, it is as important as teaching to a student’s learning style. It is as important as differentiation. I really cherished the article “Teacher Awareness of Multicultural Education and Diversity in School Settings” because it pinpointed the real issue of why there is a lack of multicultural awareness. The teachers were afraid to teach it because they thought it would have the opposite effect. This was such a necessary study because it brought to their attention that it is okay to include multiculturalism in their lessons. The articles provided several lesson plans on various subjects taught in the classroom as a starting point for these teachers. I cried quite a bit when I read “Multicultural Education and Inter-Ethnic Attitudes” because it is difficult to know that young children are the victims of racism or discrimination.

This is a taught behavior. They don’t come out of the womb like that. Knowing that there are parents who teach this ignorant behavior is disturbing. The beautiful thing about this article is that it addresses those social norms throughout several schools in the Netherlands and reveals the impact that multicultural education can have on those schools.


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