The Pearl by John Steinbeck Essay

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The Pearl by John Steinbeck

In this novel, The Pearl, a pearl diver in the Gulf of Mexico named Kino finds the “Pearl of the World,” one of the largest pearls this town has ever seen. Kino, his wife Juana, and his baby boy Coyotito have to leave town and go to the capital of Mexico to sell their pearl. They could not find any pearl dealers to buy their pearl because all the dealers thought the pearl had no value. Some of the town’s people were trying to steel the pearl so Kino and his family had to leave town, and get away from the threat to his family.

Kino believes the pearl is evil because so far the pearl has brought them nothing but bad luck to their family. If this novel would have ended even slightly different it could have changed the characters lives dramatically. If the ending in The Pearl was changed, the characters emotions and final actions would be completely remade. In the ending of this thrilling novel, their baby boy is shot. What would happen if he did not get shot, and Kino killed all of the watchers? His family would be safe and he would continue his journey to the capital were he would find a man to buy his pearl for a reasonable price.

If this would have happened, the ending where he lets go of the pearl and throws it back into the sea where it belongs would not be heard, and that emotional part of the story would not have touched the readers the way any other ending would have. If the ending would have changed the characters might not appreciate what they have, and take some things for granted. Although the ending was sad, it made a point that the pearl was not doing them any good. It caused them to leave town, resulting in their baby being shot. Whenever Kino throws the pearl back into the sea, he gets rid of all the evil it brought them.

The ending of this novel really shows the readers the true personalities of Kino and Juana. The pearl was a great deal of trouble to Kino and his family. It brought them unneeded conflict. Some may say that their sorrow and suffering may never be resolved, but I believe when Kino throws the pearl back into the sea he will begin to let go of the past. The loss of his son will never be forgotten. No one knows whether or not they will be welcomed back to the town because now it is all up to the reader’s imagination. If this novel ended in any other way, its final motive would not be the same.

John Steinbeck’s use of detail really brought out the true meaning of The Pearl. He showed how Kino can be mean, demanding, dangerous, and ill- tempered, but when he needs to be caring for his family he seems to come around. The significance of the books ending was brought out by Kino and Juana’s emotions. The pearl brought them hope, but all hope was lost when they could not find a dealer with a good price for their “Pearl of the World. ” The Pearl’s ending played a great deal in the novel. If it was written any other way the characters lives would be drastically changed, and maybe not for the better.

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