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The Pearl Essay Examples

Essay on The Pearl

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The Pearl-John Steinbeck

Through clever use of symbolism, Steinbeck has written short passages, which elaborate the themes of greed, oppression and humanity in the natural world. Symbols are used to raise the reader's awareness of the themes at a higher level than simply following the plot of the story. Symbols such as the pearl can carry many meanings for the different characters at different times in the novella. In The...

"The Pearl" by John Steinbeck

Kino now realises that there is no point in continuing his journey to the capital because his son is dead. He returns to the village of La Paz. Kino now sees how the pearl has changed him and how he was blinded by greed and now he has lost everything of importance to him. The resolution of the story is that Kino decides to toss the pearl back into the ocean and sees how man can overcome one obstac...

"The Pearl" by John Steinbeck

Finally, when Kino returns to La Paz with Juana, Steinbeck creates a sense that Kino and Juana have been hunted like animals. This relates to Kino's transformation in chapter 6, from man to animal to protect himself and his family. Kino then realizes the effect the pearl has had on him. He returns with one possession that he has desperately wanted, a rifle, but he has lost his child and therefore ...

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John Steinbeck's "The pearl"

Kino and Juana triumphed past the uncertainties of the dark and gloomy day to find the greatest pearl ever and their dreams were crushed when they discovered that the pearl buyers weren't going to buy the pearl from them. The perfect pearl brought evil upon Kino and Juana. As you can see, Steinbeck shows us many ironic trials and hardship that are crucial for contouring Kino and Juana into wiser i...

Native Americans in "The Pearl" by John Steinbeck

Steinbeck has shown throughout The Pearl his opinions on the differences between the colonists and the Native Americans by showing their relationship, as the type of relationship is based upon the differences of its members. Steinbeck shows this through the differences between town and village, instinct, and education. Steinbeck portrays the colonists as aggressive, abusive, and manipulative throu...

The Pearl

The story also shows that that those people biding for the pearl had no respect, a fundamental thing business or corporate world. In chapter four, when Kino was selling the pearl, some looked at it and rejected it as a mere oddity. The book, upon careful reflections gives us the idea about the virtuous, and the un-virtuous human nature. It also shows us specific values such as integrity, respect, ...

Drawing inferences from The Pearl

What inference can I draw from their close association as a group? It sounds as if their “group” is greedy, and wants to get lots, while only giving a little. But their plan to go together instead of betting against each other, is smart because they were not only paying the fishermen way to much for the pearl, they were loosing money themselves. But now they are taking away the money that the ...

Societal Issues in “The Pearl”

The second reason Kino feels he needs to sell the pearl is because the return money will give he and his family a chance in life. As mentioned before Kino and his family live in a poor village. Natives of this village (La Paz) make an extremely small amount of money by finding pearls and selling them to dealers. Most villagers are uneducated, have ragged clothes, an old harpoon, an ancient boat an...

An Analysis of The Pearl by John Steinbeck

The events at the mountain were another form of nature imagery used by the author. This time, Steinbeck used the mountain to reflect life’s darker side which is characterized struggles and hardships. In this case, however, it was still Kino’s greed that led to these events. Overall, Steinbeck clearly expresses that man’s desire for excessive property and riches would eventually lead to destr...

The pearl has changed Kino's personality

The townspeople however come across as evil. The priest, doctor and pearl buyers try to manipulate Kino with their knowledge. Steinbeck wants the reader to sympathise with Kino. This becomes harder to do after Kino found the pearl because his personality changed so much. He became ambitious and greedy much like the townspeople. Kino redeemed himself at the end of the novella when he threw the pear...

The Pearl - Pearl Diving

The matter of the fact is we find three or four high quality pearls among an entire ton of oysters. This also supports the reasoning for their great expense. However, a large majority of pearl hunting today is based on exploration and hobby rather than financial interest, mainly because most pearls aren't harvested naturally. http://www. divingheritage. com/pearldivingkern. htm http://www. ehow. c...

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