The Patriot Movie

In the movie, “The Patriot”, actor Mel Gibson plays the role of Benjamin Martin and is based on a story of a father of 7 children from South Carolina who is raising them in the era where Americans were fighting the British in the late eighteenth century.

            Mel Gibson’s character joins the war, a retired Captain, after his oldest son; Gabriel, played my Heath Ledger, joins to fight in this battle and when his second oldest son joins forces, trying to save his older brother, he is sadly killed.

            Many of the common folks who are also neighbors and friends of this family join in fighting this war, including farmers as we see how the American were victorious in their fight against men who threatened American freedom.

            This movie shows a father’s dedication to his children as he sets out to punish those who murdered his son.

            I believe this movie was well thought out and shows sincere dedication to family as well as country.

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This film depicts historical events in American history that pertains to this class since it gives us clear details of what truly took place in the American Revolutionary War.

            In the year 1776, the North had already began fighting the British and we watch in this thriller as the men of the South band together in a huge effort to fight for our freedom that we enjoy, today.

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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