The Path to a Successful Leader 

When someone thinks about a the characteristics of a leader what comes to mind is honesty, commitment of he or she’s work, inspirational, caring towards others, responsible, delligant, creative, and confidant. I was for sure none of those things at the start of my career. Instead I was the rookie who was unconfident, scared, confused, independent, and irresponsible. Leadership was never in the picture, I just knew I wanted to get a job that paid enough so I could buy myself most of the things I wanted because I still have to pay taxes and the bills.

Being a leader is not a easy job. You have to be able to show you are worthy of the title every second of your life and if you even slip a little everyone will take notice. However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop pushing yourself to become the greatest, in fact I encourage people to fail at things because that is what will help you become even greater than before.

You can’t improve if you don’t make mistakes because how will you get better at things if you don’t try something new. As William F. O’Brien once said in his poem Better To Try And Fail Than Never To Try At All, some say risk nothing, try only for the sure thing, others say nothing gambled nothing gained, go all out for your dream. Life can be lived either way, but for me, I’d rather try and fail, than never try at all, you see.

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Being a leader doesn’t mean being perfect. Being a leader is failing and bringing yourself back to the top again because it shows you and others that you are unstoppable no matter the situations you come across. Being a leader is ever-growing more self-aware and seeking to improve yourself while encouraging the others around you to do the same. Being a leader is not always being right about everything, but always doing the best you can to get the right solution or to find the best person with the skills who will meat the goal. Being a leader isn’t being perfection, but it is becoming approachable, teachable, and willing to work hard.

I remember at a young age being told by dad that I can either be the leader or the follower. He told me a follower would have to fall under the command of the person in charge. I would not be making the big decisions and that most likely my life would be less stressful. Whereas a leader you are the star of the game and the face of the group. So if I ever messed up it is me who they will come after. So naturally I made note to myself that I will never become a leader because whoever wants to get in trouble? Being a leader was something I did not want to be under no circumstances. But little did I know it was the complete opposite what I wanted. I didn’t realize the benefits and the positive things being a leader would bring. Throughout my life I have meet and seen people who were great leadership role models to me. My mom, dad, uncles, aunts, friends, teachers, t.v characters, and celebrities. I would pick up traits from these people without even noticing. In school group projects I always wanted to be the person in charge of the group (funny enough I still do). I wanted to leader because when ever I tried to pitch in my ideas I would always get ignored, so if I was the leader my teammates would get to hear my ideas and I would get to hear theirs. I learned this leadership skill in all the kid t.v shows I watched that always emphasized teamwork. I found those things as sacred rules of mine and naturally I was always good at hearing other people’s opinions.

In addition, I have always been very encouraging as well. I was never the person bringing people down because I knew it would make matters worse. Being positive and encouraging to others helps a lot if you believe it or not. I can testify that myself. When ever I felt like I was doing a horrible job my parents and friends would encourage me to keep on trying without bringing me down which helped me find solutions to my problems and finish my assignments without giving up halfway through. So I try to do that as well with others and encourage you too. “Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results,” Ifeanyi Onuoha. By being positive and encouraging as a leader you are able to achieve many things with your group.

I have been taught at a young age to have always a goal in mind to motivate me to become better. By being motivated the people surrounding you will become motivated as well. Motivation is more than just simply working hard and completing tasks it can come from the enjoyment of the work itself or from the desire to achieve certain goals such as earning money or achieve a promotion. Know motivation matters a lot when working on reaching a goal. In fact motivation helps a lot when in groups because the performance of employees is a product of both their abilities (e.g. skills & experience) and motivation. When a talented employee feels demotivated it’s most likely for them to have a lower performance compared to a well motivated employee who will probably deliver a far more better performance that is expected from them. By having better performing employees it can lead to lower unit costs of production and so give the opportunity to sell your products at a lower class. Also there will be lower levels of absenteeism because employees are content with their work. By being a motivational leader it will bring many positive things into your life and others.

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