The Past, Present, and Future of Drug Control

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The effect drugs have the economy plays a big role on where we are heading to the future of drug control. In the book, they show drugs being promoted by the government as a stress reliever. That implies that Huxley believes drugs will become openly used by the citizens, which is sadly becoming true. In the past the government had a tight control on the drugs that they issued out to the citizens. There was not nearly as many medications out like today.

Even though there are new diseases that have been brought to the light, the amount of prescriptions that doctors prescribe are reaching an out of control rate, and by the looks of it, the world will be catching up to the ‘Brave New World’ in no time. The use of drugs in the Brave New World plays a really big role in how the world is heading towards drug control. The way that the government made it legal for the drug to be legal shows a glimpse of how Huxley previews the future.

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As a country we do not want to head the direction of the book so we must provide more government control. In the past the use of drugs were disdained by the government. Medicine was not as big as it is today, so there were a lot less problems when it comes to overdose and doctors prescribing medicine. Science wasn’t as developed, to even help with half the diseases and pains that people in today’s world go through.

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That being said back in the past medicines were not nearly as strong, so there were way less cases of overdose or drug abuse. Doctors would try to prescribe more natural alternatives rather than rely on a medication to help someone. The amount of medicine that doctors prescribe play a big part in the causes of overdose and drug abuse. Sometimes after a big surgery or procedure doctors tend to prescribe painkillers. Depending on people’s pain tolerance, they take more or less pills for the pain. During this process and procedure an addiction begins to build leading to someones overdose or abuse of prescription drugs. “As a consequence of the events of the last several years, the rate of generic drug approvals has slowed dramatically” (Justina Molzon).

This quotes means the government slowed down the rate it prescribes medicine due to peoples and addiction. Also in this article “185 innovator drugs will come off patent by 1995, make it imperative that the generic industry and the FDA rehabilitate the processes that bring generic drugs to market”(Justina Molzon). This means that it would be obvious that the creation of generic prescription drugs would need to be contained . Therefore doctors prescriptions gives the world a shift that we do not want to get into. The way the future of our drug control looks not to promising. In the book Brave New World the way they handle medication is very lightly. In fact, there own government promotes the use of the drug.

Doctors do prescribe it, but the tend to over prescribe it, that later on in the book leads to the death of a character’s mother. “The holiday it gave was perfect and, if the morning after was disagreeable, it was so, not intrinsically, but only by comparison with the joys of the holiday. The remedy was to make the holiday continuous. Greedily she clamoured for ever larger, ever more frequent doses. Dr. Shaw at first demurred; then let her have what she wanted. She took as much as twenty grammes a day.” (Huxley 153) This shows the effects that people do not need to use drugs, but that the government has people addicted and the government supports the idea of using it. The control in the future is close to non-existent. The government lets the people use any amount at any time. The doctors prescribe about any amount of drug they want. Since the government promotes the use of the drug, people will grow addicted to the drug. ‘She felt in her pocket for her soma – only to discover that, by some unprecedented oversight, she had left the bottle down at the rest-house. Bernard’s pockets were also empty.'(Huxley 111). Her reaction to the missing soma shows that she can barely operate without it. She relies on the drug to cushion the reality she is dealing with.

The future of our drug control does not look very pleasing, and that is only because of one thing, the present.The present governmental control is not bad but needs strengthening. The nation is starting to make drugs seem more acceptable. Just because a doctor prescribes medicine does not mean it is not a drug. The nation currently has multiple programs that tries to help and regulate drug prescriptions. “Government has mandated market authorisation holders to set up pharmacovigilance cell in their companies in accordance with the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945. MAH have been mandated to collect, process and forward the report to licensing authority for information on ADRs emerging from the use of drug manufactured or marketed.” (Shardul Nautiyal).This shows how the government plans to control the drugs that they manufacture. “New research programs and new regulatory processes are now under evaluation at FDA to ensure that the agency and the generic pharmaceutical industry are prepared to meet the challenges of the coming years” (Roger L. Williams).

Nowadays there are a plenty of programs that help limit how much doctors are prescribing, but the rate should be lowered by a lot. “Overdoses kill more Americans than car crashes or guns”(B.Holmes) overdoses to prescription medicine cause massive numbers of overdoses. Which leads to the next topic that “ …47,000 other ordinary Americans who die annually from drug overdose have become a mere statistic”(B.Holmes). Lots of people die every year due to the very medicine that doctors prescribe. That is why it is important that the nation provides more control over prescription drugs as soon as possible. The way the future is heading towards drug control is starting to look more and more like the world that Huxley invisoned. The way our society is set up, it looks like the use of drugs are becoming more acceptable. In the past drugs were shunned upon. Currently drugs are not promoted, but they are not taken as serious as they should be, and the future holds a whole new outlook for a sad world. So far lots of Huxley’s predictions have became true, whos to say this one will not either?

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The Past, Present, and Future of Drug Control

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