The Past: A Prospect Changer

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Some people may think that if they had a very bad, or it may be the most horrible experience that ever happened on their life, they would always have wanted to neglect it. They would always try to keep things uncovered without knowing whether it is good or not good to do so. Pretending that something doesn’t exist or something that didn’t really transpired, even though it really happened on the previous scenario that they wish so bad, doesn’t ensued.

We, as humans would always choose to use our so-called, “Psychology”. Our brains so hate the idea of losing something that is valuable to us that we abandon all rational thoughts, and we make some really “poor decisions”. Poor decisions that would lead a person to an inappropriate path. Which may fall under unexpected, great perplexing, significances. Forgetting something which is very inferior, would always not become as an immoral verdict. That it would never be the most appropriate option, solution, and answer for that person to just abandon something which he or she thought, that it was completely erroneous.

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Consequences will never be like a hot rice that we had just spewed out of our mouth without knowing that it was hot before.

Also, we would not be given a problem if and only if on the very first part, we are not the one who can be able to solve it on our own way. It is not clinically proven, whether that it was also not scientifically tested, that once something happened very terrible, just forgetting it, is not the “key”.

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The key that people should learn to, before proceeding to another step without knowing its result could be bad or not. Everything should always be deliberated. People this era were very fond of using nonsense speculations, without knowing the entire veracity. For it makes them scared trying something that they are not really sure of it. Should always have to keep on our minds that we must think before we click. Something that someone thought were wrong should not be considered to be forgotten. There was a Filipino phrase,” Ang taong hindi marunong lumingon sa pinagroonan, ay sya ring hindi makararating sa paroroonan”. It was already the Filipinos who told us that we should continuously bear in our cognizance the essence of reflecting on our past. The past where every retention is present whether it was good or bad. We on our own, still have to learn from those reminiscences.

Not because for us to remind and not to forget them, but most of all, for us to be guided. For us to learn from what we did before. And for us to be directed on what we have to do next. Without any hesitation. For without those stuffs that if doesn’t occurred before, then possibly, we might not be able to do things that are happening presently on our timeline. Time, really does fly. That some people wish, that it would just pass by a little slowly. Time really does fly by. Regardless of whether you want to hold onto it. Or have it pass by really quick. But sometimes, time does not only fly by. Since, at the same time, it’s something we can never get back. That it would make anyone’s capable of being sad about what already gone. But then again, whether we’re going to make that sadness into something regretful or make it into a wonderful memory, is entirely up to us. We are humans. And it was clear that we, as humans have been committed wickedness that would makes us literally imperfect. The Filipino phrase stated to us that no matter how hard it was to remind deprave commemorations, how hard it was to remind the worse scenes that we demand on ourselves to be forgotten, it doesn’t matter for as long as we, on our own, should stay aware that we have to be filled up from it.

Moreover, the past was an advantage for us to treat it as a solution and will never be a problem. For us to surpass the consequences that could happen on our lives. It would be really amazing if time could flow backward, but what can we do? It was like, “There’s no use in crying over a spilled milk”. We have to move-on no matter what. For our life were just like a wheel tire, sometimes we are up, sometimes we are down. “We can still fill up the glass again slowly”. Then there will come a time that everything was just already pleasing without observing it. Because after every storm, a rainbow will always follow its track after the storm.

That is why being a hopeless singular will always be considered as a coward. Everyone had to learn how to face their fears for them to see the beauty of the other side. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up for too long. But still, we should not forget what happened. Somewhat that anyone can just disremember can be compared to a crime. That it was like leaving a case alone with no one to be a witness, and just leaving it unsolved.

Furthermore, trying to forget something on your own, would never change what you did on the past. For we are just a human. A human wherein if we are going to explain it Biblically, a human from a dust. Like what stated before, we are not perfect enough to just use forgetting for us to disremember something that we don’t wanted to recall on our past life. We don’t have the privilege to become as a very judgmental person. That once we thought that we needed to forget something, then that’s it. Like what stated earlier, everything should be pondered before pending into another step. Because no matter how an individual would try to deceive his or her mind, a wrong answer will always be a wrong answer for a correct answer will always be the most correct one. If one would not be able to make things on its appropriate way, then probably, things will just end up on nothing. What would be still the purpose of our decisions if on the very first part, it is not properly decided at all?

To point out, what we try to forget is the one that we should always have to remember. It was just the past that we could learn to. We really have no choice. It would always be the phrase,” Experience is the best Teacher”, who would always reflect to us that the past is the only one who could guide us, on what kind of path we must be going to. For we don’t we really have the power to change the past literally. What we could only do is that, to just absorb from it.

Moreover, someplace we could change our prospects, were only from the previous deeds that we have already dedicated on our own. We already cannot just change the past for it already took its place. Us as humans, only needed to make our pasts as an advantage. An advantage for us to hold on. To “remember” would give us the chance to reflect on our own. It may not give us the freedom to flow back time literally for us to change what we had committed before, but to remember would give us the opportunity to realize what we had committed before. And as the same time, for us to judge ourselves on what kind of conclusions we must be going to.

Finally, the phrase, “To forget is to remember” might be confusing on the first part. But if we would give it a chance for us to understand it, we’ll see sign of a hidden struggle. That would begin to ask us some questions about it. That we would start to be very cautious on what we have done before. The phrase stated, would offer to us the wisdom. The wisdom that we wish the most for us to have an answer on every decision that we have to create. To remember was like a missing jigsaw puzzle piece. A missing piece, that we would always had wanted to be found after losing it. The last piece, that will complete all of the confusions. The part, that would halt the misperceptions. The portion, that will make us a complete “political animals”. The section, that would motivate us to keep on going. A fragment, that could turn us around, that it would be the one who could change us. Changed us and soon, will make changes on our Prospects.

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The Past: A Prospect Changer
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