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About this essay
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1) at 11 years old, George had sported a set of crooked teeth and his mother took him to a university of medicine and dentistry to receive braces in hopes if improving his smile .

2) George and his mother move to Newark from South Carolina

3) shahid rj’s dad, Shahid Jackson, acted as a father to George. They fished and worked out together.

4) a stable home environment helps George resist pressures to participate in negative activities

5)George’s first job was a groundskeeper at the complex in high park gardens.

6) George’s third grade school teacher, viola Johnson, was his inspiration

7)As a child, Sam was curious and was always willing to learn. However, he discovers his mother’s secret was that she could not read.

8) from South Carolina, Sam’s family moves to Newark .

9) in 1968, Sam’s father bought a house.

10) Sam’s mother places dames hair inside a plastic bag and inside a bible once it is cut.

11)sam’s parents divorced when he was 11

12) Sam helped his mother by reading Her mail, making deposits at the bank and helping to write money orders for bills

13) Sam’s house was always full because his mother never turned away any family members who were not financially stable and needed a place to stay .

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14) Sam was closest to his sister Fellease

15) Sam’s friend noody got a scholarship to Essex Catholic high school And another at Fairleigh Dickinson University. However noody returned home after freshman year

16) Sam was caught by the owner when he tried to steal an icee

17) Reggie was a martial arts teacher that Sam’s brother took king fu lessons from

18) Miss Schimmel recommends Sam to go to a magnet program at University high school because it would give sam a better shot of getting into high school.

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19) Rameck’s mother’s mother who is also like a mother to Rameck.

20) Rameck’s Parents were not good influences on him. They both turned to drugs in the time of need

21) Rameck Grew up in Plainfield.

22) Mrs.Hatt Encourages Rameck in school. he was in the gifted and talented program.

23) Rameck’s Father was in jail.

24) the deal Rameck struck with god was If God got one of his parents off of drugs he would never use drugs.

25) Rameck’s First job was sweeping hair from the floor of bill’s barber shop in Plainfield

26) Ma worked at a post office in Newark

27) Rameck Gives the money to his mother to pay the electricity bill. Instead

28) Rameck Met George and Sam at his first day at University high in Plainfield. They took the same AP courses

29) The school created “school within a school” to respond to a crisis Because corporations were complaining that they were having trouble meeting new federal guidelines for hiring more minority workers.

30) George hung out with good friends to stay out of trouble

31)through highschool, Rameck Started off quiet and kept himself but over time he became more involved and eventually became well known in his school

32) Rameck decided to skip class and come back later and spray his teacher, that he didn’t like, with silly string when she answered the door.

33) Sam, Rameck, and George became interested in seton hall because

34) The boys became interested in seton Hall because they Saw advantages of a free college and achieving greatness and going to college with each other would be a great experience. The pact formed when the boys all agreed to apply to the same college.

34) in the incident with the crack head, Rameck and some friend participated in punishing a crackhead for smoking around them in the school area. Rameck pulled out a knife from his pocket and jabbed his thigh. The police later found him and his friend and arrested him. and later after his release he was put on house arrest.

35) When the injured man didn’t show up for any of the court dates the judge threw out the charges. prosecutors still could have revived the case but his lawyer pleaded with them to give him a break and not to pursue the matter. They didn’t and Rameck got a second chance.

36) The money making scheme that Sam and his friends had were to Rob drug
dealers. In the longrun , Sam had to face the consequences and ended up in a juvenile detention center.

37) Carla Dickson was a specialist for the premedical/predental plus program

38) George’s philosophy on peer pressure is if you find the right guys to hang with- guys you trust- who share your values and your friendship, you’ll find that you can stand up to almost anything

39) Rameck was felt excited about the summer program he George and sam were going to.

40)Carla becomes mad with George Rameck and Sam because they wanted to depict the program as a jail.

41) Jawanza kunjufu’s theory about education and black young men is that Smart energetic and hopeful black boys_systems so in adequately prepared to educate them that the boys begin to lose interest as early as fourth grade and are often lost to the streets by high school.

42)Carla made Sam Make an appointment to talk to the professor to try to understand why he had received The lower Mark and to make his case for himself

43)Carla supported sam by listening to him, motivating him, and reminding him of what he’s set out to become.

44) Sam felt guilty because no one in his family has ever been given such an opportunity . He feels he could be helping out at home

45) cArla arranged for Sam Rameck and George to live and work on campus for the summer.

46) Rameck tried to get the crowd to disperse from around him and micheal. But the white guy wouldn’t leave. Rameck’s anger sparked and he slammed the
white guy on the ground. he realizes that he needed to change

47) Rameck stole a sweatshirt from the bookstore but after getting away from the clerk, he realizes that he just used his last chance to be in seton hall. He was smart enough to be there . he would be embarrassed if he had to go back home.

48) Rameck organized a mentoring program for kids in poor neighborhoods. As a result it became known as ujima and their first event became successful. As well as the program itself.

49) Rameck’s philosophy on giving back was no monetary value can be placed on the feeling that comes when you know you’ve made a difference in another persons life. When you do touch another persons life , the gifts keep on multiplying.

50) George Rameck and sans experience with rap was serious.they tried hard to become famous and well known and even sent their mixtapes to faith Evans . But in the end they decided to stick to their dreams of becoming doctors .

51) Rameck and Kay broke up because she had been with another man the same time she was with Rameck. His plan before break was to give up his dream and become a teacher just to win Kay back.

52) access med was a new program designed to help minority students do better in medical school. It helps Sam and Rameck by allowing them to take their first year of medical school courses while finishing their last year of college. That would leave them a much lighter load when they entered they’re first official year in med school. No George didn’t go with them. He hasn’t gone because he had a good enough GPa to sign a letter of intent to go into dental school.

53) Sam and his girlfriend broke up and later he learned she was 4 months pregnant. But it wasn’t his for a fact.

54) Sam struggled in medical school because he wasn’t as comfortable in subjects such as science and math like Rameck was. he would study all night to understand everything.

55) on one of his visits home , Sam noticed that his sister, Fellease, hair was thinner and finer. She had aids

56) when attending dental school, George struggled financially . he had so many unpaid debts and bills to pay. on top if that he had gotten robbed of 45 dollars. A guy who claimed to sell speak took George to a secluded spot and pulled out his gun , asked for the money , and ran off.

57) the boys give each other inexpensive but thoughtful birthday gifts . Like a but of money or something stationary

58) after taking in two friends and his brother, George realizes he needs to clean house because bills skyrocketed. He asked all three of them to leave.

59)the three miss out on important life lessons by not having fathers there to teach them. For example George didn’t know how to drive. the boys teach each other or looked to other friends for help.

60) DWB means driving while black. Rameck gets pulled over when DWB and fined with ridiculous charges. In the end, it turns out that His friend save him and took a nice officers advice to file a complaint.

61) sam had used review books and practice tests and had regularly stayed up studying all night when he failed the first time.

62) Sam takes the spot and in the end turns down the one at Maryland hospital .

63) SAMs philosophy on perseverance is : when you’ve failed repeatedly and think you’re done, that last try is often the one you pull. His challenges in becoming a doctor were mostly set backs. For example, when he failed the
state board exam or when family issues came up.

64) all three boys end up in the Newark area for their residencies


66) Ma made it to Rameck’s graduation . It was a gift for her to see him graduate especially when no one in his family had the opportunity to graduate med school

67) with the money the three doctors amass they decided to put it towards a fund for a needy student.

68) Sam was happy because he had overcame so much in life and became a successful doctor. He discovers his purpose by realizing that the local people need him. Especially family and friends.


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