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The P.A.T.C.H. Assessment scale

Paper type: Assessment
Pages: 4 (841 words)
Categories: Computer,Electronic Engineering,Operating System,Technology
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For this assignment you will finish the P.A.T.C.H. Assessment scale. YOU DO NOT REQUIRED TO SEND THE REAL EVALUATION. You will use the evaluation to respond to the following questions: What was your personal rating on the P.A.T.C.H. evaluation? Do you concur with this rating, or do you feel basically comfy with computer systems than your score suggests? Support your response.

My rating on the P.A.T.C.H assessment was 78.5/ 100. I agree with this rating and the analysis supplied for this rating as I know I am comfortable with computers but still have some things I require to learn.

I understand how to proficiently utilize Microsoft as a whole (consisting of Word, Powerpoint, etc.), discover almost anything on the web and basic computer understanding. I require more aid when it pertains to things such as troubleshooting and advanced program settings.

What is your average level of computer system literacy? That is, for the nursing informatics proficiencies (Part A), did you score mainly As, Bs, Cs, or Ds? Do you concur with this rating, or do you feel you are basically computer system literate than your rating shows? Assistance your response.

My typical grade level of computer system literacy was As. I do not concur with this, I feel I am far more comfy with dealing with computers The A rating mean no experience or amateur and I disagree with that in my case. MY second greatest rating was Ds and I do agree with that more than being beginner with computer systems. A lot of the applications on the self assessment are not ones that I use very often which might be the reason I scored highly as beginner. Of the computer system applications that I do use a lot, I feel I am very competent in those particularly.

Start to develop a strategy of action to reach your desired level of computer literacy. From area B of the P.A.T.C.H. assessment, choose a minimum of 5 topics that you wish to concentrate on. THIS LIST MUST INCLUDE NURSING DETAILS SYSTEMS AND KEEPING CURRENT WITH NURSING INFORMATICS PATTERNS. Briefly talk about (one paragraph each) what you will do to develop your preferred level of literacy with these subjects.

In the nursing informatics systems application I would like to become proficient. Right now I rated myself as competent. I will become proficient by asking for help with the things I don’t know how to already accomplish. At my workplace we have “superusers” who are staff that have gone through extensive training on the informatics system and are a resource to other staff. I will ask my manager how I can become one of those superusers so I can become proficient myself and help my co-workers.

In the keeping current with nursing informatics trends, I would like to become proficient. I would say I’m pretty close already. I will do this by attending all trainings and seminars offered for the informatics systems in use. I will also read and follow the directions in all emails pertaining to the informatics systems such as updates and downtimes.

In the hospital information systems application I would like to become a skilled user. I am currently a comfortable user. I will do this by first figuring out what other systems the hospital uses, then learning the ins and outs of other information systems, besides the main one used for nursing. This is important for my career path because I hope to work in a hospital once I become an RN.

In the electronic medication system application I would like to at least become a competent user. I will do this by seeking help from current RNs at my job that use this application daily. As an aide, we don’t need to know how to use this application because we don’t pass medication, but I would like to learn how to use it now so when I become an RN , that will be one less thing I need to learn. I will also explore the electronic medication system myself first before asking for assistance just to get the feel of it.

I would like to become a skilled user in the electronic health records application. I am already fairly skilled at this application because I use it daily but there are multiple tasks I don’t know how to complete currently. I usually work as an aide in the hospital but sometimes I fill in as an emergency room tech and they do more with the EHR than I do as an aide. I will start there with having other ERTs help me navigate through the EHR then attend an education course for help with EHRs and ask how to complete the specific tasks that I don’t currently know how to do.

You do not need to complete the nursing informatics competencies goals (final section of P.A.T.C.H. assessment) for this assignment but KEEP THE ASSESSMENT SHEET YOU FILLED OUT, as you will use it in module 11 as well.


Kaminski, J. (2013). P.A.T.C.H. Assessment Scale v.3. Retrieved from http://nursing-informatics.com/niassess/plan.html.

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