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The Outsiders Questions Essay

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Chapter 1

1. The Greasers are people with long greasy hair who live on the east side. They’re almost like hoods, stealing things, have gang fights, drive old souped-up cars. Socs are the boys who are the west rich kids. They jump greasers, wreck houses, throw beer blasts and drive tuff mustangs.

Chapter 2

2. Before the story began, Johnny was child abused a lot at home. He also got jumped and beaten up very badly by the socs. The socs left scars on him and got him bleeding a lot. From then on, Johnny was terrified of socs. 3. Cherry turned “White as a Sheet” when ponyboy told her about Johnny’s beating because she doesn’t think that all socs are like that. She told Ponyboy that there are other sides of the socs, which is the nice side and they wouldn’t do that to the greasers.

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Chapter 3

4. “You Greasers have a different set of values.” The different values they had were that the Greasers were more emotional. The socs are cool and sophisticated and have no emotion in what they say. They’re too numb to feel anything, but the greasers have feelings.

5. Johnny was motivated to give Dally the order because he thinks that Cherry is a decent girl and someone he can talk to. Dally obeys him because he’s the gangs pet and also Dally’s pet so he couldn’t hit him.

6. Cherry and Ponyboy communicated despite their social positions because they felt like they could talk to each other like they’ve known each other a long time. Ponyboy talked to Cherry like he was talking to sodapop and he has never met anyone else he could talk to like that.

7. Ponyboy felt bitter towards all socs because he has never seen the side of socs Cherry talked about. He’s only seen the side where they jumped greasers and almost killed Johnny. His feelings then turned into bitterness because he didn’t know what to believe.

Chapter 4

8. Earlier, Bob was the one who cut up Johnny’s face with his giant rings. Later on when Johnny recognized Bob because of his rings, he was already very scared of him. Then Bob tried to drown Ponyboy in the fountain and Johnny felt like he had to do something because Bob also tried to kill him. So Johnny decides to kill Bob, but felt super guilty afterwards.

9. Johnny and Ponyboy turned to Dally for help because they knew he could be trusted and that he wouldn’t tell anyone. If they asked anyone else, they would’ve told Darry and Ponyboy would get into a lot of trouble. Dally gave them two guns, a leather jacket for Ponyboy and enough money to buy a weeks of food.

Chapter 5

10. Johnny and Ponyboy ran away to an abandoned church in a town called Windrixville because Johnny killed Bob. They got to the church by jumping onto a train that goes to that town.

11. Ponyboy was upset about getting his hair cut and bleached because being a greaser, they were known for having long greasy hair. His hair was his pride and joy. Without his long hair, he basically lost is pride and “tuffness”

12. It is ironic that Johnny and Ponyboy were involved in a murder because they were the ones who usually caused no trouble at all.

Chapter 6

13. Cherry’s rationale for aiding the Greasers because she likes Dally and thinks Ponyboy is nice. She’s tired of the socs getting drunk all the time so she decides to help the Greasers. She can’t see the Greasers much because it would mess up her reputation.

14. Johnny’s reason for turning himself because he thinks that it isn’t fair for Sodapop and Darry to be worrying about Ponyboy since it wasn’t even his fault. He also didn’t want to keep running away from the police for all his life and he also thought that since he doesn’t have a reputation, they wouldn’t be that harsh on him.

15. Johnny and Ponyboy decided to go in the church and rescue the children because they thought it was their entire fault. They thought that they were the ones who caused the fire because they might’ve dropped a lit cigarette, so they felt guilty.

16. Johnny didn’t have a defeated mistrustful look after saving the children because he felt really confident. When he was saving the children, Ponyboy saw that Johnny was having the time of his life.

17. Darry’s crying had such a profound effect upon Ponyboy because Darry was really tough. He was the one who rarely cries, so Ponyboy was shocked that Darry would cry for him.

Chapter 7

18. The brothers left the door unlock at all times just incase one of the gang members had a tough night and couldn’t go home. It is left so that the rest of the gang members are able to sleep there until they feel like they to go home.

19. Randy decided not to participate in the rumble because he thinks that the fighting wouldn’t do any good and it was just pointless. He also felt that no matter who wins, nothing would ever change so it doesn’t even matter to him.

20. The socs and Bob wanted to be normal because they were just normal guys and had soft spots too.

21. Ponyboy thinks it’s very important to participate in the rumble because he wants to do it for Johnny. He wants to get revenge because the socs almost killed Johnny before and now it was their fault that Johnny’s in the hospital almost dying. Chapter 8

22. The one thing that kept Darry from being a soc was his gang and brothers. It was because he didn’t want to leave his brothers and be the enemy if his brothers were still Greasers.

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