The Origin of a Prayer and the Reasons Why It Is Practiced

Based upon all religions that are statistically followed in the world by it’s off-springed believers, you can come off to see that all those religions come with one ulterior prospect. While indeed that each of these religions have their variety of differences, yet there is one thing that bounds to keep all religions united. In notation that strength comes from within as we do acknowledge in shortened profound terms; prayer.

Coming off from one of the religions in this category; Islam is one of the highly religions known for their high performance by their people who are called and known as the Muslims.

Muslims fall upon this obligation and in criteria to meet the needs that needs to be met which is praying approximately five times a day. In order to know the exact reason why Muslims pray, we must have a prior basic understanding where prayer came from and overall what contributes to it, defining its purposes thoroughly. If we have basic learning, then we can find to educate ourselves to be the wise ones to better ourselves from within and the exterior of the human body.

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Where did prayer exactly come from? You may have heard the story about the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) with angel Jibreel who came to Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in a cave.

Therefore, the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) found the controversy for his uprising in the heavens. Yet, in Islam prayer was not brought down to earth by an angel as it does come from its pertaining story.

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When Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was commissioned for prophet hood, the first thing he was commanded to do by God the Almighty was to pray. Prayer came from the almighty who spoke upon himself for his believers to worship him, it was then angel Jibreel who brought the first step of what Muslims do before praying, water gushed out of the rocks in front of them.

The angel of God then showed Gods messenger on how to make ablution prior to the offering of prayers to the lord. From that time on the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) never went his days without praying, he first started off by praying two rakahs (units) twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Even before his migration to Madinah, he was taken on a night journey to Jerusalem and then to the heavens (Miraaj). During this journey, God the almighty, ordered him to pray five times a day. This prayer was a gift given to every believer to enable him to experience a spiritual ascension five times a day. The Prophet said: “The prayer is the Mirror of the Believer.”

It is commanded for every Muslim to pray five times a day although it is known that there are extra prayer to strengthen the beliefs, if we take a look back in the era it was first contemplated to be fifty prayers. Yet, suddenly within time the prayers decreased to five, the reward for each prayer still does hold as if fifty still does exist. The decrease level of prayer has shown the humanity for God. “Indeed God, to the people is kind and merciful” [Quran 22:65). It has been given that every Muslim has the chance to communicate with their lord and it begins so that during each prayer, every Muslim recites the opening chapter in the Quran. This recitation is not a dull monologue by the believer, but God promises that it is a conversation between Him and the worshipper.

The Messenger of God reported that the Almighty says: “When my slave says in his prayer: All praise is for Allah, the Lord of the worlds, I say: ‘My slave has praised Me, When he says: “The Merciful, the Compassionate, Master of the Day of Judgment,’ I say: ‘My slave has glorified Me.’ When he says: ‘You Alone we worship and your Aid we seek,’ I say: ‘This is between Me and My slave.’ When he says: ‘Show us the Straight Path,’ I say: ‘This is for My slave, and I give My slave what he wants.” Another statement from the Messenger of Allah (SWT) “Prayer is the pillar of religion.” (Al-Baihaqi) He also informed us that Islam is built upon five pillars, the second being to establish prayer five times a day. (Bukhari)

This makes the image very clear: Islam is like a building supported by five columns; remove just one column and the entire building weakens. In the same way, when a person stops praying, his faith becomes weak, and the mildest blows can cause it to crumble. The prayer is so important that the Prophet said: “Verily, between man and polytheism and disbelief is abandoning prayer”(Muslim).

God says, concerning the plight of the disbelievers on the Day of Judgment, that they will be asked by the believers: “What led you into the Hell-fire?” They will say: ‘We were not of those who prayed. (Quran 74:42-43). Allah also says: “Successful indeed are the Believers, those who humble themselves in their prayers” (Quran 23:1-2), and: “And those who guard strictly their worship, such will be the honored ones in the Gardens of Bliss” (Quran 70:34-35). Prayer has a strong force upon Muslims and it is not fed in with fear although they have a fear of one thing and that is their lord. As for God he has pertained the need for humility and focus in prayers.

Indeed, there isn’t any objection that Satan is the most bitter enemy of man; he always tries to create limitations between a believer and their worship. To befall any evil this is one of the reasons why prayer was brought upon the people in Islam, the lord didn’t want anyone of his creations to go astray to the path where there is nothing but evil to compact. The way Satan can steal a worshipper’s prayer is by engulfing his mind with memories, problems, worries work and his family and he will be lost to wondering whether he has performed the desired amount of units for the prayer. Being from Gods creation, it is in the mankind to believe that man was only created to worship no one besides Allah (SWT).

In the Quran he says: “I created not the Jinn and mankind except to worship me” (Quran: 51:56). Man is to live in this world as a worshipper of the Almighty and prayer is the best for of worship. Prayer has been in the revelation for it’s purpose to not leave anyone in mankind behind or to go astray towards evil. Not only because it’s commanded, but it’s founded to be the right thing. Not everyone can follow the righteous path that the lord has made for us, as it is said by God in the Quran “And Allah sends astray whom he wills and guides whom he wills and he is the exalted in might, the wise” (Surah Ibrahim 14:4). Praying will not lead you astray but bring you close to having peace especially when you are having some sort of trouble. Prayer is the cause of all uprooted causes, and the medicine of the heart. It can be defined in so many ways even answerable but this is the reason why we do pray.

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