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The Orc Essay

” “Yes master. ” Trotil went into The Den quickly before leaving to pick up his staff and travelling cloak, as he was leaving he saw Neltar talking to another training orc. Neltar walked over to Trotil when he saw him, “Where are you off to Trotil? ” “Rin’jin has told me to go and summon the earth spirit and speak with him so that I may understand shamanistic powers better. ” “Well from what I’ve heard that is pretty easy so make sure you take your time if you’re feeling tired. ” “Ok thanks, I’ll see you later. ”

Trotil continued out of enclave and headed east out into the wilderness, the sun was high in the sky and the baked, orange ground looked like it would crack apart at any moment. The intense heat Trotil experienced on his journey sapped him of strength. When he arrived he sat down in some shade and took the totem out of his bag, he looked at it for long time thinking about earth spirits. He tried placing it on the ground and asking the earth spirits to come forward, he tried shaking it and also tried making up his own rituals. Nothing was working and it seemed to Trotil that it was impossible or Rin’jin had given him a broken totem.

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Much time had passed since Trotil had arrived so he decided to return as he was in need of food and more water. When he returned at The Den Rin’jin came straight up to him and asked expectantly, “How did it go mon, did you speak with the spirits? ” “No master, I tried for a long time but I don’t understand how. ” “This ain’t good Trotil, this is the most basic lesson I can teach ya. Go get some food and rest mon, we try again soon. ” Trotil dragged his heals slowly over to the campfire where all the trainees were lining up for their dinner feeling very upset and disheartened.

He joined the back of the queue and trudged forwards slowly, a few minutes later Neltar tapped him on the shoulder, “How did your first task go? ” He asked. “Badly, I couldn’t summon the earth spirits at all. ” Neltar laughed loudly, “You’re joking aren’t you Trotil? ” “No, I also can’t see how this is funny… ” “Well this was the easiest test you can do, all my shaman friends have done it and you can’t! ” Neltar walked off and started to have a loud conversation with his friends which Trotil could hear, “He can’t even summon the earth spirits! Hahahaha!

” Trotil carried on walking forwards and got his food, he went into The Den and sat down on his bed with his food and ate slowly. He wondered to himself, “what am I going to do if I can’t even complete this simple task, all the other people are going to laugh and scorn me and Master Rin’jin will have to ask me to leave if I have no potential. ” Trotil suddenly looked up as Neltar and about 6 other orcs walked in to the room. “So Trotil, want to be a shaman? You need to have a brain that is bigger than a Gnome to stand a chance! ” Taunted an orc.

“Leave him alone I’m sure it’s not all his fault, his parents were probably a cross between a Gnoll and a Gronn. ” Neltar joked. Trotil stood up and walked out as fast as he could without making it look like he was upset. He found a corner in The Den, sat down and cried until the dawn…  Creative Writing [ENGLISH COURSEWORK] 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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