The One Eyed Monster in the Corner Essay

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The One Eyed Monster in the Corner

I am still haunted by the vivid tales of mansion 106, the elders claimed that in 106 there lived a horrible creature beyond our imagination; they called it the dreaded monster with the one eye. It was said that this monster lived solely on human flesh and that the monster was ugly baring a distinct lightening shaped scare on it’s forehead. I had never seen this monster before but I was temptation has drove me to explore what this monster was about… As time wore on I finally gathered the courage, despite all the warnings, to face that wretched monster.

I walked through the battered gates and at the end of the beaten trail lay the cracked stairs which rest under the over-hanging porch. Moss and vines slither up the face of the house like a thousand snakes engulfing a small animal whilst shadows overwhelm any attempt of light the house might try and produce. The breeze whistles and howls a sound of soft sorrow as the house crackles and moans with every gust of wind. The ground brown and bare suggesting no sign of life.

As one peers onto the mansion, one can only think of malevolence, Swallowed by death, each detail relates to the gloominess and darkness that embroiders the life of this mansion. As I pushed the door open, it screeched, leaving my heart was racing within my ribs. I could turn away now and go home alive, if I left that instant. However I knew that this was my only chance to experience this monster. Suddenly I heard something move upstairs then I slowly but carefully followed the noise up the steps. The house was dusty and devoid of fresh air.

I stood in the passage startled and A shakey suspicion feeling arose in me that I was being watched… pentapively I watched from the side of my eyes. There it was! Craftily i moved towards the room. A little sunlight shone through the planks that were mounted on the window. The rays of light led me to the one eyed monster in the corner, covered in a filthy rag and strangely appearing to be afraid of me. being smart i knew this was all an act to trap its’ meal , but then came a grizzly voice said,” Please don’t hurt me.”

Taken aback by this I was left shaking with shock. As a human head slowly rose from a lump of rags I saw that this monster was in fact a little boy who had lost his eye in an gruesome accident which snatched away his beloved parents. It was thought that Tahmir was missing a year ago when his parents died; instead this courageous little boy he managed to survive in this gloomy mansion himself. Since that horrific accident little tahmir never left this mansion being afraid of his appearance and being shuned by society.

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