The Odysseus (movie review)

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The adventures of Odysseus are dramatic, exciting and interesting even to a contemporary audience. It is a story of a great warrior who is cursed by the gods and must wander the seas for years after the Trojan War. There is beautiful scenery in Turkey and of course you have ships at sea and goddesses and gods causing confusion with the humans. What they did with the special effects is pretty impressive. Some of the more complex scenes were filmed in Malta.

I noticed that there was some “overacting” when the characters emphasis their emotions strongly. I shouldn’t laugh when actors are crying, but, that is the effect that the overplaying of emotions becomes funny. However, if you consider how the individuals really might have acted, this is perhaps more true to ancient life. It is true that in the original Odyssey, men cried more than men now, (in our time).I especially loved seeing all the gods and goddesses in the movie.

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I liked goddess Athena a lot. She was definitely a highlight in this movie.

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Her eyes are very beautiful in this movie. With a twinkle in her eye, she sends Odysseus off to be brave because, it seems she is rather fond of him. Another highlight is the horse and ships. The Trojan Horse makes was very well made like, all the ships. I was amazed by the special effects in Hades. As Odysseus descends into Hades he is almost overwhelmed with the heat.

Some of the bloodiest scenes I’ve ever seen occur in this movie. Bodies being gobbled up by hungry sea creature and blood splattering on a wooden deck or a Cyclops tearing a body apart to devour it, wasn’t horrific yet disturbing. Because it happens during the daytime, the effect is not as intense. I would recommend this movie to those who like Greek Mythology or who want to have a visual reference in your mind when ready or listening to the translation of The Odyssey by Homer. The ending of the Odyssey is very romantic and there is romance and beauty in the whole movie (which I like). I think people should watch this movie after they have read the book because not all of the episodes that are in the book are in the movie, based on what my father told me from reading the book and watching the movie with me.

I think that the main message of this movie is: “never give up on your dream even if a optical comes are in your way.” I would recommend that if you are planning to watch this movie, watch it alone so that you can pick up all the concepts of what’s happening in the movie.

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