The Obesity Epidemic Essay

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The Obesity Epidemic


Healthy is an adjective, which is attaching to the substantives “foods and beverages”.

B) Forklar kongruensen (overensstemmelsen mellem subjekt (grundled) og verballed (udsagnsled) i forhold til de understregede verballed fra teksten “Hope for Childhood Obesity”.

1. After a long fight to control childhood obesity, there are encouraging signs that the tide is finally turning.

Explanation: the subject in the sense is there a pronoun, which works as a preliminary subject and refers to the substantive signs, and the verbal must therefore be in 3rd person plural (are).

2. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Tuesday that the obesity rate among preschoolers from poor families has fallen in 19 states and American territories, and it has risen in only three states.

Explanation: The subject in this sense is the obesity rate and the verbal must therefore be bent in 3rd person singular (has fallen).

3. One in eight preschoolers in the United States is obese; among low-income children, it is one in seven.

Explanation: The subject in the sense is one in eight preschoolers, and the verbal must therefore be bent in 3rd person singular (is).

4. About one in five black children and one in six Hispanic children between the ages of 2 and 5 are obese.

Explanation: The verbal in this sense has a complex subject (one in five black children) and one in six Hispanic children that represents the total of two children, therefore the verbal must be bent in 3rd person plural (are).

5. Nobody knows for sure what factors are causing the declines.

Explanation: Every word which ends on –body, one and –thing is always singular, regardless of their content refers to multiple units. The indefinite pronoun is subject and the verbal must therefore be bent in 3rd person singular (knows).

C) Skriv hvilket ord, som du mener ikke hører til i rækken og begrund dit svar.

These words does not fall in the line

1. Office
Office is a countable substantive
(Uncountable substantives must always be treated as singular or be rewritten)

2. Played
Played is a regular verbum

3. Sheep
Sheep is a substantive with irregular pluralis

4. Friendly
Friendly is an adjective, which is attaching to the substantives. (Some words that ends on –ly is always adjectives for example friendly, lonely, ugly.. They cannot be used as adverbs and must be rewritten.

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Hi everyone, my name is Lasse, and today I’m going to talk about the obesity epidemic in the United States, that has been discussed in many years now. You may sit down thinking, “oh here we go again.. another jerk talking about something we already know about..” And of course you’ve heard some of this before, but it’s you’re future. And it is you who is to decide whether to listen or not.

America it is time to wake up, and do something about this. Obesity is a tough thing to deal with; an estimated 300,000 deaths per year are due to the obesity epidemic.1 We are living in a world with constantly temptations of fast food, sweets, chips, and the list keeps going. Obesity has cost heart diseases, diabetes and unfortunately in worse cases death. 150 billion dollars are spent every year on medical care.

And that’s why we need to make a move for this epidemic, or else more people are going to be sucked in to this obesity lifestyle. And yes I speak about this as is it’s a lifestyle, because it’s your choice. If you want to buy fast food, well then you probably will. And that’s something that to do with you as a person. The people of United States hold the key to close and shut down this epidemic. We live as consumers, and it is up to us who we want to be. I’m not saying that we should stop selling all this kinds of food. But we need to set some kind of boundaries for ourselves. This is clearly a question that concerns our ability to act sensibly.

Studies have shown that one out of three adults and one out of six children are obese.


That’s is certainly shocking numbers, and the numbers will only increase, if we do not make a move, and make people realize how big of an epidemic this is. It is of my experience that some experts say that poor people of the lower class communities don’t have the money to buy healthy food. But that is of my experience utterly wrong. I mean, some of the cheapest foods in supermarkets are stuff like fruits and vegetables, now you may call me wrong, but aren’t most of those things healthy? If your excuses are that you don’t have the money to buy healthy foods, then you’re not thinking clearly.

Now.. Of course some organizations and companies, have already done a lot to this epidemic. Because of their tremendous efforts, more than half a million people in underserved communities now have access to fresh, healthy food. And as Michelle Obama said in her speech about building a healthier future, major American businesses like Disney and Wal-mart and Darden Restaurants are now offering healthier menus and products. Even military leaders are serving healthier food on their bases. Also in several schools they’re making healthier menus for the kids and the teenagers.

The partnership for a healthier America also had the sheer delight to launch “Let’s Move Active Schools”. An unprecedented effort to invest more than $70 million to promote physical activity and bring physical education back to the schools. And the shoe company Reebok is also now joining this effort with an additional investment of $30 million over the next three years.

So actually we don’t have an excuse to not join this movement, and take part in this effort. Of course we cannot deny, that a lot of the parents, do not have the time to take their kids to physical activities. And the same applies to when the parents are going to the supermarkets for goods. But they don’t need to have a lot of time. It isn’t that hard to get your kid signed up for the local football team or whatever sports they like. It is after all the parents’ responsibility, to make sure, that their kids eat healthy, and are physically active.

And what concerns the shopping for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and so on. It’s really not that hard. We live in a modernized world, and technology plays a big role. And I know for a reason that there are many applications that people can download, to make cooking a lot easier. In the matter of fact I know that you can specify your search, so that you can search exactly for what you want, for example cheap healthy recipes. Technology makes cooking easier, and basically it makes life easier.

The app is invented by “Building a healthier future summit”, and it has over 1.500 different tasty healthy recipes. You can download the app for iPhone and Android.

But yet the question is, who is to blame? the parents or the society? And as I said earlier in this speech, we as human has our own struggles, but it is our own decision how we want to live. We must learn to make healthy decisions for our own. The society has changed the past years, and the taboo about obesity is slowly fading away. So we need to spread the message.

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