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The novel Frankenstein Essay

Evil in many individuals is seen as having qualities tending to injury and mischief or as having a nature or properties which tend to negative behavior. The theme of evil is very important to the novel “Frankenstein”. It is important because, everyone, at one point or time, is seen as evil. Just because they are perceived as evil, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are evil. Everyone can possess the qualities of being evil but that doesn’t mean that they should be perceived as evil. In relation to the novel, everyone sees things from their own point of view which therefore creates a whole misunderstanding of the word evil.

At the beginning of the novel, a monster is brought into the world by his creator, Frankenstein. Frankenstein’s dream was to create this monster but it turns out to be what he least expects it to be. Frankenstein perceives the monster as a thing of evil from the moment he brings it to life. Frankenstein than in turn hates the monster. He spent 2 years of his life working on infusing life, into an inanimate body, to than in turn hate it because he perceives it as evil. Frankenstein than abandons the monster because he is disappointed with what he created.

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The reason he perceives the monster as evil is based mainly on the physical appearance. The monsters muscles and arteries were still showing, and he displayed physical characteristics that would be seen as irregular to society. He believed these irregularities were seen as evil, which in the end, resulted in the desertion of the monster. Since the monster had been abandoned, it ends up wandering into a forest and runs across a town. The villagers visualize it and in turn, throw stones and many other missile weapons at it. This forces it to take refuge back into the forest.

This is the first clue that the monster realizes. It eventually sees the problem that he possesses. It sees that it its physical appearance is rather grotesque and apprehends the fact that this may be why he was seen as an outcast to the villagers. On his continued adventure into the woods he comes across a cottage which is occupied by people. It sees this as a chance to be socially accepted into the world. With the physical characteristics, that the monster possesses, he comes to the conclusion that he must understand the human nature to a certain extent, to ensure that he will be accepted into society.

It spends the majority of a year outside of the cottage studying up on the human behavior of these cottagers. It recognizes that they possess the ability to communicate through sounds. It attempts to learn the language that they speak, so he could communicate with them verbally. It wants to communicate with them verbally to ensure that they might see it as more human-like than previously discovered. It also attempts to help the family out by surprising them with jobs that were mysteriously accomplished. All this knowledge and help still does not help out the chances of fitting in with the family.

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