The Not so Great Depression

The Great Depression was a terrible thing. It made the rich richer, the poor poorer,and forced the American people to ask for money and to move in with relatives. This made America starve, they even mistreated veterans because they demanded their pay. It was Even tougher for the colored people. It made them jobless homeless poor people who had no way to recover.

The government was supposed to help but President Hoover thought that the rich would donate to the poor and the economy would eventually become stable again.

“This is not an issue as to whether the people are going hungry or cold in the United States … Once this happened it is not the cost of a few score millions, but we are faced with the abyss of reliance in the future upon Government charity in some form or other.”(Document 1). Even though America is famished and freezing he decided that it would be best if they wait for the depression to end.

It changed the lives of Veterans and woman. The Veterans were forced out of Washington because they demanded the promised pay from serving their country. “Brigades of Bonus Marchers converged on washington [in 1932] … Most were ex-soldiers who had served the nation, frightened men with hungry families. … They needed their money now.”(Document 4) They did not get the pay they were looking for, but instead they got rudely thrown out of Washington. For women it wasn’t quite the same. They were thrown out of jobs that men could fill but also had new jobs open that were suited for them.

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“New jobs did become available in the 1930’s, such as telephone switchboard operation and clerical work,were peculiarly suited for woman”(Document 5).

AS for the low class people like farmers and colored people, they had worse problems, the colored people had a new deal the was made to help them, “but most colored people were ignored by the New Deal programs. … colored and farmers … didn’t qualify for unemployment insurance, minimum wages, social security or farm subsidies.”(Document 6). They did create the FECP but they couldn’t do anything because they weren’t given the right to enforce their beliefs.

For the young people they had it extra hard. They had no food, no jobs and all they could do was watch their families and friends suffer from the low employment rates, and the low ways to get food. On boy “in Baltimore WALKED 20 miles, looking for work.’I just stopped at every place,’ he aid, ‘but mostly they wouldn’t even talk to me.”(Document 8). That text shows just how desperate the people in america were.

So in conclusion, The 1920’s to the 1930’s(Great Depression) it shows that the Government didn’t help America because they thought that eventually it would even out, but it didn’t. So for around a decade the government let the , colored people, the farmers, the woman, children, and even the veterans, all starve and freeze and barley survive.

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