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The Non-Justifiable Affection Of A Mother Toward Her Daughter

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Essay, Pages 3 (707 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (707 words)

Post Colonialism is connected to imperialism from the moment of Colonization until the 21st century. The term “Post Colonialism” widely refers to the representation of race, ethnicity, culture and human identity in the modern era; mostly after many colonized countries got their independence. Post-Colonial Literature is the literature by the people from formerly colonized countries. It often addresses the problems and consequences of the decolonization of a country, especially questions relating to the political and cultural independence of formerly subjugated people, and themes such as racism and colonialism.

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These days mother advices are being suppressed by the daughter. But the daughters are not ready to accept and understand the feelings of mothers. It shows their inability to give priority to either mother or the boyfriend. Razia Khan portrays about the transfer of her Child’s love and affection from parent to lover and the emotions experienced by the mother. And so this paper is an attempt to indicate the sufferings of a mother.


The word imperialism derives from the Latin word imperium, which has numerous meanings including power, authority, command, dominion and empire. Post Colonialism describes many interactions between “Colonizer” and “Colonized”. The majority of the world was under the control of European countries. Especially the British Empire consisted of “more than a quarter of all the territory on the surface of the earth: one in four people was a subject of Queen Victoria”. It is the literature and art produced in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Senegal and Australia after their independence, called as Post-Colonial Literature.

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One of the best writers in Post-Colonial Literature is Razia Khan. She is very much loved by her students at the University of Dhaka and received many National Literary Awards like Pen Drama Award in 1956, Pope Gold Medal in 1957 and Bangla Academy Award in 1975. Her important works are Anucalpa, Proticitra, Citra-kaya, He Mahajiban and Padatik. This poem “My Daughter’s Boyfriend” by her deals with unconditional love to her daughter and the omission of her own daughter.

Mother is the speaker in this poem. As a mother, she is the center of her child’s life. The speaker says that she was experiencing curious happenings for the past few days. She hears continuous knocks on the door which creates tough feeling in her mind that something inferior will happen. When she opens the door, her daughter’s boyfriend moves into the house, unnoticing her presence like a blind man and he goes directly to her daughter never minding her very vision.

Mother is the one who starts schooling at home and becomes everyone’s first and lovely teacher of life. She teaches behavioral lessons and true philosophers of life. But here the speaker says that when her daughter’s boyfriend visits every time, she feels a sensibility of fear. She feels that her daughter is nothing to her any longer as she prefers to be with her boyfriend.

The mother loves and takes care of her children from her womb and throughout their life. Likewise, the speaker feels all the sleepless night looking after her sick daughter lying in her bed. During birth and bringing up her as a girl, the mother tolerates extreme pain. But now the daughter had forgotten her mother’s agony. And now the omission is very clear to the mother by her own daughter.

The mother is always very anxious about health, education, future and safety from strangers to the daughters. She always leads towards the right direction in the life and most importantly she scatters true happiness in her life. The speaker has many dreams regarding her daughter which is like a pleasant smell that surrounds a beautiful flower. She also says that how an unmindful hand quickly seizes in a rude which is safely fluorescence in the arm of a plant, likewise her daughter’s boyfriend quickly grab her daughter so easily even in the presence of the mother.


The speaker loves wholeheartedly and expects nothing in return but her love. She always tries to provide everything with all her happiness of the world. She recalls her pride when she gave birth to her daughter. But now she cannot entertain and tolerate these thoughts and pains when she watches her daughter with her boyfriend.

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