The Nick Adams Stories by Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway describes Nick’s mentality in original nature by travelling, camping and fishing in river which is far from the civilized society. Nick hopes to return to the native land to recovers himself who undergoan many hardships during the world war one. As he approaches nature, his sadness being to revive and his soul is gets inspire. Nick slowly realizes that being harmonious with nature is helps to recognize him. There is a detail description at the nature in the beginning of the story.

The background scenery depicts Nick’s physical experience and mental representation. The background of the story is high-tech armed war, which leaves behind lysis, labefaction, afflication and remediation. plants and animals lose their livelihood due to the distraction of the earth. people have to think seriously about what they are doing. world peace is the common aspiration of the people on the earth. In order to protect the sole planet for human and nonhuman life, humans must end the wickedness of war in order to occupy a better place for the creatures who live in the ecosystem.

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