The Next Dance Company Concert Essay

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The Next Dance Company Concert

Yesterday I went to a dance concert Next Dance Company Concert whose presented work by The Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance. The dance was performed by the graduating students of this school. The performance was combined with eight pieces of dance, each of them has its own theme, mood, and phenomenon. With simple music and costume, performers and audiences were delighted and having spirit communication. One thing that most impressed me was the way they designed music.

Many sounds from daily life can be heard in the music. I heard people wheezing, screaming, crying. I heard clock’s ticking. I heard sound’s in office, like keyboarding or pouring coffee. They are not composed by instrument, but they are pretty familiar to us. These sound, after editing, provided us a strong sense of rhythm. Combining the dance, it allows us to think of the deep meaning of each theme. Amount of eight pieces of dance, the one I like the most is Bad Faith.

The two performers displayed a strong depressed feeling through their repetitive actions with some change in each repeat. They had a dialogue, but they didn’t act like talking. They rely on each other closely but sometimes they have problems and get separate. They used their bodies to express feeling each time they talked. Such movement is oppressing to me. I love it although it is not as large-scale as others performance I saw before. And because of this reason, I sat really close to the stage and the dancers.

I could hear musicians tuning their instruments, I could see light refected on performers’ faces and, the most important thing, I could see dancers’ facial expression. Sometimes they even had no background music. Instead, they used the sound of dancer’s feet rubbing the floor or footsteps as the beat. Attending a live performance is really more enjoyable than watching the same event on television. Dancer is not just a job that repeats movement that other instructs he or she to do, but an artist that use their body as a tool to express emotion, story, or ideas in a nonverbal way.

From viewing this concert, I discovered the motion of dance , I feel the change of my mood with the fluctuation of motion performed in different parts of the concert. From these eight pieces of dance, I feel like I have eight times of experience. From this dance, I discover that the dance has its own motion. It might show happiness or sadness and audience will experience the change of mood of their own. All I want to say is, this was a wonderful evening and it was really worthy to go!

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