The next 50 years for environment Essay

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The next 50 years for environment

If we keep going on like this we will soon run out of all the unrenewable and the renewable and the natural resources like: coal, fossil fuel, gold, oil petrol, gas and silver. We will run out of all the vitamins and minerals.

There will be a lot of air, water and other pollutions and if there is pollution in the air there will be clouds and the natural vegetation and trees will get no sunlight. The trees will have carbon dioxide to breath and will all die.

If the vegetation run out the animals will have no food to eat and they all will die and us humans will have no vegetations or no meat to eat even if we use like processed food it will run out too because all these things are connected to each other in some way.

There will be a famine on earth and the human race will reach a certain time when they will kill each other for food and when all are dead there will be only one survivor and he will start eating himself and like this the human race will end and the planet will disappear from our solar system and the milky way galaxy.

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