The News Media Is Able to Influence People

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The news media has changed over the years and has caused for many changes in the world. This can also cause for the news media to affect people strongly with how they interpret the information and how this can affect their opinions. The fact that News media can change or distort the information which makes it where the news is a very powerful organization. They could even control the information that people see so they can change their opinions and gives them a lot of power.

This also give the news the power to make a lot of good changes in the world like if they put up very unbiased stories to help people make informed opinions about a problem. This can cause for a very informed populace that can make the decisions that can change and affect the world in a positive way. This also has to mean that the news has to make the choice of whether or not to keep their content shows both sides without any prejudice for either side.

The news media is important because of the fact that they are the ones that are giving the information that oneself is concern about. The question is whether or not News media should have to follow specific requirement to be an authorized news source. Even though both sides are very different, there can be a compromise made between the two sides.

Now news media can be a good thing that if implemented right it can make many good things and change the world for the better.

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It was written in the article that “before digital media would have been able to clear up the mess long before it went public.” (Morley). This mean that with the new ways that people get the information that they receive, the less likely that a big company will be able to stop the story from getting out. Now that the ability for normal people to get an hour after it happens makes it almost impossible to stop a story from getting out to the public. This is a very good thing that the News can make the world better and change the world. It was written in the article that “hundreds or thousands of Facebook fans and email and text message subscribers” (Morley). This means that many of the people that won’t see the news articles are spreading the awareness of oneself. This means that the people that live a more rural lifestyle they should have a better chance to receive relevant information when it is actually important. The article talks about the options that “they can now create media that is a combination of audio, visual, text and interactive media.” (Morley). The varied and different ways that they can now get information to a lot more people so that they can have relevant information. Now that many can have more information to each person that use the varied options so that they can see many different stories and can change their opinion with more information.

In the last little while scientists stopped looking at the negative effects of news media but started looking at the positive things that news media has on people. The media that show” positive images and messages can make us want to become better people and help others” (Janicke). This means that if the media puts positive things in the news then people will start to make people better people and make them start to help others. This means that if the news media makes sure to put up positive stories up sometimes there will be positive effects on the people that watch the news. It was written in the article that” the power of films that elicit “elevation,” the warm, uplifting feeling we get when we watch someone perform deeply moral acts” (Janicke). This studied found identified proof of the fact that positive actions in media make people feel an elevation of their emotion this could be linked with why people want to be a better person after watching a video. This means that if the news displays positive videos then people will want to be a better person overall. This article also talks about “experienced elevation from reading a story about uncommon goodness became more likely to believe that there is good in the world” (Janicke). The fact that they are able to link that if people read about acts of random kindness people tend to start to become nicer to others. That means that if the news shows many random act of kindness stories then people will tend to be nicer than if they were shown negative stories less than positive stories.

Now is if people are able to see whether or not people want to have more positive information put in front of them. It was written in the article that “it is more important than ever to show the positive change that often stems from crucially important investigative reporting” (Pitt, Green-Barber). This means that even the news is starting to see that people are starting to look at the fact that they see that people are starting to see that positive stories give people more of a nice feeling. That means that overall people are starting to have more of a positive impact on the world by making them having a nicer impact. It was written in the article that “organizations use the media to bring their cultural and political critiques into the mainstream, thereby shifting the broader cultural consciousness” (Pitt, Green-Barber). They are talking about the fact that the news is trying to put more of the important news into the hands of the people that is important. That means that people are better able to make an informed decision in the world. That means that people are able to be informed and make good decisions.

The problem with the media is that it can keep you from seeing the problems with the obscurity of the side that they would not want others to see. Like George Orwell Said “The people will believe what the media tells them to believe.” The meaning is if the media show you something they will jump on it and take it and start to believe it without the any change to how people look at the information that they are consuming. So, if the News isn’t talking about the problems that are important and need to be seen how anybody can know what happened truly with both sides shown and explained. This is the same as the photo says that people will take the media at its face value, this could cause for many people’s opinions to change to change by only showing them the side that people want to see and believe.

Some people describe the action of them doing this like putting a blindfold over the eyes of you and putting you in a box with only certain information. Like the pictures says some people will only take in information from the mainstream media sites and channels. This causes for many to have a very narrow view of how the world is and how these events affect the world. If someone saw that gun violence was on the rise but they never talked about the cause anyone could start to create and fill in gaps in the story that would cause for many distortions in the facts of actually caused an event. It was written in the article that “Our responsibility is not to avoid media altogether or to merely reject negative media but to choose wholesome and uplifting media.” (Tan) The reason that this important is that if you don’t filter through what they give you and see what actually good news stories is. So, if anyone does not know how to be able to filter through the information then they won’t be able to protect themselves from any bad facts. This could cause for many people’s opinions being influence and changed based on how they put information in their article and how well it can affect people’s opinions and their varied beliefs.

The news can have and make a lot of repercussions to how people act to an event and how important people feel that event is. There is a lot of evidence that the news media could have caused for the tide pod challenge coming into fruition. The video talks about the little importance of this, with only 86 calls about tide pod consumption but poison control received 46,000 calls for vitamin poisoning (Patrick). The news was concerned with the fact that 86 calls were made to poison control but, the more pressing issue was that many people are overdosing on vitamins. So why would the news talk about this issue when there is a more pressing issue that impacts more people. It was said in the video that “that the tide pod challenge was something that the media created.” (Patrick). This means that the tide pod challenge was not a major problem that existed until the news started to make stories about it. This means that they might have caused the problem and this can show how much they can affect the way that people take that information and effect their actions. It was said in the video that “there was a huge spike of calls after January fourteenth” (Patrick). They reported on the fifteenth of January that means that it is possible that they were the cause of the tide pod challenge. This means that the news media can have a very strong control of how people will act towards certain info and effect their actions.

Even though both sides are very polarized there can be a compromise made between the two. Both sides want the news to have a positive and good influence on the world like with putting more positive stories up to see. Both sides are trying to make the news a better thing that helps and change the world for the better. It was written in the article that “rule on “prohibited programming content” that includes “broadcasting false or misleading news.”” (Saldana). They should put in laws and regulation that keep untrue stories from being put on the news. The reason for this is so there isn’t false information being put in people’s mind. Which could lead to a big problem of people making information based on untrue information. The reason that this is very important is so you don’t have the problem of people making decisions on untrue information.

For example, if there was a tide pod eating challenge but the information was untrue you might start to see that the tide pods are the problem but, it was actually something else. Also, they need to have the mentality of “best we can hope for is transparency, integrity, and accountability” (Saldana). The reason that we need it to be like that is so you don’t have to be a strong filter to be able to make a good inference on the information given. The reason that it is a good thing for the mews to make it where they are able to make the choice of what they choose to pick on an issue without the bias of the news network affecting it.

Furthermore, the news media should have to be regulated so that there are not big repercussions that don’t cause huge problems. The news media should have to follow that” fake news is “news, information, data and reports which is or are wholly or partly false,””. (Gross) This way of following this regulation would cause for much less misinformation that would reach the populace and cause for less problems caused by it. This is a good thing for both sides because they would be spreading more truthful information. This would cause the news to have more information that they can give to more people if it has been truthful and unbiased. The reason that we want it to be this way is so that there is a more truthful news media. The regulation should “apply to anyone who maliciously spreads fake news inside and outside the country, including foreigners”. The reason that you would want it to be made this way is so that if someone accidently causes a huge problem they won’t get punished for an accidental mistake. Though if someone came to the country to maliciously spread false information then they would be able to be punished. This would be good for both sides because it would help and promote the spread of truthful information.

The fact that the news media is able to influence people in many situations to change their opinion is a bad thing. That doesn’t mean that the news is entirely a bad thing it can even affect people to do good deed if shown the positive stories. The news could still make it where there could be many different problems that can be very dangerous. If there are regulations to protect people from the information then people will not have to worry about it. The fact that people will tend to have different opinions on the ability information. Even though the news is a dangerous thing if implemented right the news is not a dangerous thing.

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