The New York Times and Boston Scientific

The New York Times and Boston Scientific both utilize information technology to support innovation-run company. The difference is, The New York Times promoting transparency in the delivery of news and information. Meanwhile, Boston Scientific is more limited and cautious in the delivery of information concerning the results of the study. The New York Times which is a media publishing company has raised the topic of the development of IT as a major ageda from time to time. A group (division) research and development, which was founded in 2006, has been operating a shared services system.

Innovation The New York Times looks of the, Times Reader 2.0 application, and interactive maps Netflix. Boston Scientific is a company engaged in the field of medical equipment and health. To prevent the leakage of intellectual assets (research) is very valuable, the company has been working on the technology and compositions suitable for access and security of data, as seen in the use of software Goldfire.

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Approach to IT innovation by The New York Times.

New York Times created a group of research and development (R & D) in 2006 as a joint service. Its role is to accelerate entry into new platforms by identifying opportunities, conceptualizing, and make the design of existing ideas. A shared services means that the group (division) supporting this innovation to be a resource available to all business units in the organization of The New York Times. In general, the advantages of the use of shared services are: Simplify the diverse processes associated with managing information technology.

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Doing redesigning the management of information technology so that based on the needs of customers through effective operational activities.

Save on the total cost of investment and maintenance of information technology should be allocated by each company. Reduce total cost per employee in management information systems, especially when seen from the magnitude of the needs of a number of information technology such as hardware, software, database, network, infrastructure, and other equipment. Meanwhile, the shared services approach also has some disadvantages: The existence of an additional management layer between IT and the end user (end-user) which resulted in the loss of responsiveness or accountability to the individual business units, as well as reducing.

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The New York Times and Boston Scientific

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