The New Plant Manager Essay

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The New Plant Manager

Background Summary

Toby Butterfield was promoted as new plant manager of Montclair Company in the Houston plant. The plantation where he was appointed was having difficulty in meeting its budget. Toby Butterfield decided to take control, make decisions and use his authority. He monitored his employees’ activities, determined whether the organization is moving toward its goal and he made corrections. At last, he produced remarkable results and the plantation was within budget. But after he promoted to another branch the productivity in Houston plant collapsed and was in trouble again.

Statement of the Problem

The general problem of this case study intends to solve the difficulty of meeting its budget of the Montclair Company – Houston Plantation branch.


The general objective of this case study is that the Montclair Company – Houston Plantation branch will meet its budget even there is changing of plant manager. Also, this case study intends to analyze the behavior of the new plant manager.

Areas of Consideration

As a manager, recognizing the role and importance of other people is a key aspect of good management. The job of managers is to give directions to their organizations, provide leadership, and decide how to use organizational resources to accomplish goals. One key to success is to recognize that becoming a manager means transformation, it includes letting go of deeply held attitudes and learning new ways of thinking.

SWOT Analysis

STRENGHTS Effective promotion Effective manager Effevtive and iffecient employees Latest technologies and equipments Competitive location | WEEKNESSES Ineffective rules and regulations Poor working capital | OPPORTUNITIES Market expansion Global Market | THREATS Competition Calamities Economic crisis |

Alternative Courses of Action

Exercise tight control over employees.
Pay attention to costs to improve efficiency.
Inspire vision and cultural values to allow employees to create a truly collaborative and productive workplace.

Toby Butterfield should motivate and inspire his entire departments and divisions as well as those individuals working with him. He doesnt have to be a well-known top manager to be an exceptional leader. He have to inspire employees to create a truly collaborative and productive workplace. Organizations frequently lose good people because of front-line bosses who fail to show respect and concern for employees. A manager should have human skills to allow employees to express themselves without fear, encourages participation, and shows appreciation for employee’s efforts. In today’s work environment, managers rely less on command and control and more on coordination and communication.

Many new managers expect to have power, to be in control, and to be personally responsible for departmental outcomes. A big surprise for many people when they first step into a management role is that they are much less in control of things than they are expected. Managers are dependent on subordinates more than vice-versa because they are evaluated on the work of other people rather than the work of their own.

Also, managers should have pay attention to costs, but severe cost cutting to improve efficiency can sometimes hurt organizational effectiveness. The ultimate responsibility of managers is to achieve high performance, which is the attainment of organizational goals by using resources in an efficient and effective manner.

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