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The New Marketing Realities

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Technology, Globalization and Social Responsibility are the new Marketing realities. For my experience, Technology is rapidly changed day and day it helps easily to know customer’s profile, buying habits, behavior and also company profile. In my company, we set customer relationship management(CRM) system for customers and our equipment which we sold that why sales reps can know customer’s 360 degree sales profile just for click so no need to take too much time and get accurate data and he/she generate sales with complete data.

Company will get benefit and profitable growth by using technologies and sales reps can manage and build royal relationship management with customer. Technology advantage will support to our company and sales man how to manage his/her sales when will he/she sell parts and service and how often make purchase parts and service from our company by using customer data base system.

Globalization changes product development and innovation and creation new ideas among companies share their technology in each country and apply them to another.

Every products can get at everywhere; get same quality and service with equality. Globalization had made countries increasingly multicultural and more conduct each other within short period. In Myanmar, FB culture is quickly growth and 75% of people are applied this app. If you want get update information, bags, cosmetic products, medicine, vegetable, video clip, foods, entertainment and everything you need, just click at FB. On line store are published at FB and retail store are also are register at FB.

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In Myanmar, end user/ customer can get spare parts, service call, new gen-set of CATERPILLAR products and customer service facilities and FAQ at FB application. Co-cola, KFC, Nike, and other attraction international brand are expending in Asia, Africa and Africa as Demographic trends especially developing markets such as food, beverage, textile, medicine, infrastructure, communication, services and production industries. Now a day, we found that Global warming up and over usage of national resources all over the world. We should consider natural environment which ignored as a stakeholder. This effect will poverty, water shortages, wars, pollution, climate change and wealth concentration demand our attention.

Social responsibility is very popular subject and marketer is taking some responsibility at society. We sell eco-friendly products and set our organizational principles, values and norms. We don’t sell and produce Caterpillar mechanical type diesel engine to reduce exhaust emission & carbon dioxide emission. Now a day, car manufacturer was invented battery car to reduce fuel usage especially for over usage of resources and avoid unhealthy of the world. Marketers should consider the ethical, environmental, legal and social context of their activities. Customers will select products for credible as cooperate culture and social responsibility which elevated role of companies

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