"The New Liberal Arts" by Sanford J. Ungar

In Sanford J. Ungar’s ‘The New Liberal Arts’ he discusses the pros of going for a liberal arts degree. He talks about common misperceptions about liberal arts and then gives his opinions on them. He gives his perspective of a liberal arts college and gives examples as to why liberal arts is the best way to go when going to college.

Ungar’s main ideas are that he implores that liberal arts provides an education that is useful for many careers.

Liberal arts colleges give students the ability and comprehension to be useful throughout their lives and construct their minds to be able to do complex activities in this ongoing world of changes.

One of the first issues Ungar is focused on is the future jobs that will be available from now to ten or fifty years from now. Ungar believes that liberal arts is a better speculation because it teaches understanding of complex, vast subjects and how to maintain and develop adaptable essential skills.

He also asserts that training for just one career may be short-sighted. Ungar is partially correct in his opinion because in this century many jobs have been replaced by robots and machines.

Factories used to be full of many workers who would work manually doing packaging and organizing but now that we have advanced technology, there is no need for those workers anymore. People need to focus on jobs that will not and cannot be replaced by machines. Examples of jobs that will not be replaced by machines are social workers, surgeons, therapists, and nutritionists.

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