The Negative Side of Mobile Technology

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With the technological development not likely to slow down any soon, mobile technology will also continue revolutionizing people’s lives. Mobile phones have become the primary communication gadgets for millions of people, and ultimately redefined global communication. However, modern cell phones are far from their predecessors’ minor function: to communicate. Currently, smartphones can provide free messaging, photo and video filming, instant access to various services, and other related functions. In as much as cell phones obtain new functions and become more affordable, they start to show negative effect on the way people behave in the society.

Negative Impact of Mobile Technology

Distracted driving is one of the common issues related to irresponsible cell phone use. Using a cell phone while driving hampers the driver from his or her primary task, while endangering the safety of all participants of traffic: other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2013 alone, 445 people in the U.S. died in fatal road crashes resulting from cell phone-related distractions.

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However, thanks to massive public awareness campaigns regarding the issue, the use of driver handheld cell phones decreased from 4.3 percent in 2014 to 3.8 percent in 2015 (Pickrell, Li and KC 1).

Virtually every modern smartphone is designed with an inbuilt camera and other multimedia facilities. The affordability of such phones has given a rise for cases of phone etiquette abuse. For example, with certain models producing digital-camera-quality photos, some people take snapshots and footage up women’s skirts. Then the perpetrators manipulate the photos and may maliciously begin circulating them on the Internet.

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Some U.S. states such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Texas have formally criminalized “upskirting”, while others are yet to determine the illegality of the invasive act.

Phone cameras have also raised various issues regarding piracy and “fair use” of copyrighted material. For instance, many people “are avoiding buying books and magazines by snapping free shots of desired pages” (Associated Press). In fact, the so-called “digital shoplifting” has plagued many bookshops and publishing companies, especially in Asia. In 2003, the Japanese Magazine Publishers Association, in conjunction with bookstores in the country, launched a national campaign against the trend upon realizing sales were declining (Sommerville).

Furthermore, there have been concerns over influence of cell phones on the education process. A lot of students are caught cheating at exams by using cell phones. One of the common ways of cheating is to search the Internet for answers when taking tests. Other students store notes in their phones (in form of text or images) and sneak them to exam rooms for reference. It is also easy to share answers via text messages during exams. In some cases, students take snapshots of exam questions and send them to their colleagues who are scheduled to take the same test later.

With hundreds of spy programs now available in the market, phone hacking has become another major issue related to cyber-security. Besides spamming people’s contact lists with “free” deals and offers, smartphone hackers can easily access private information or even remotely take over phone mouthpieces and cameras to spy on unsuspecting users. In fact, it is now possible to connect phone hacking devices to a smartphone even when it is off. Moreover, criminals using high-tech devices have come up with mini cell phone towers through which they can secretly read people’s personal data and reroute it to third parties.


Undeniably, mobile technology has greatly altered the way people communicate and share sensitive information. To a certain extent, the massive reliance on technologies has affected the society negatively. In this regard, cell phones have become handy gadgets for unscrupulous elements such as scammers and terrorists. It is important to realize that no one is immune from mobile phone hacking; users should protect themselves by setting strong passwords or codes to access their devices. Besides, more awareness campaigns on distracted driving and exam cheating should be launched. Effect impact damaging

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