The Negative Impacts of Technology Essay

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The Negative Impacts of Technology

Today’s society would be incomplete without the advancements of technology. From hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock in the morning, to watching the latest events on television, to checking one’s email on the internet, technology is part of everyone’s life and is simply impossible to avoid. But what if the luxury of technology was not available? What if people lived a so called “primitive” life? A life in which one would read a book for enjoyment, not play God of War II on a video game console, or just relax by taking part in a face-to-face conversation with some friends, not text people over a cellular phone. Or even a life in which people would think for themselves, not let technology do it for them. Believe it or not, there was a time when people truly lived like this and they survived quite fine. However, now it is hard to imagine living in a world where technology is nonexistent because people have become so reliant on technology for information and entertainment. Technology appears to be taking over the way one thinks, the way one gains information, the way one interacts with others, and all in all, the way one lives.

The progression of technology is making people’s lives easier. For example, in the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the character, Beatty states, “The zipper displaces the button and a man lacks just that much time to think while dressing at dawn, a philosophical hour, thus a melancholy hour” (Bradbury 56). This statement suggests that the development of technology is allowing humans to think less. Consequently, a new addition to the world of technology is Wakamaru, a Japanese robot that provides various service functions to families, gives necessary information for daily life, and interacts with people spontaneously (Life With a Robot: Wakamaru par. 3).

With the ability to access the internet, complete household chores, and recognize a person’s face and voice, this 3.3 foot tall 60 pound robot is taking over an actual human being’s role in life (Linux Devices par. 1). In agreement to Bradbury’s idea, the new forms of technology, including the Wakamaru, are enabling humans to take on less responsibility and therefore, not think as much. Due to the continual expansion of technology, it seems as if real people carrying out day-to-day functions will be obsolete, and mechanisms will do all that is essential in order for the individual to survive. It will not be long until the only thing humans have to think about is how to charge their robot’s battery.

In the world of education, technology is helping society a great deal. However, in order to gain information, people have taken advantage of the instant results that the internet delivers. For instance, instead of researching through various books to find what one is seeking, that person can just type a few words on a search engine on the computer and a number of selections of the typed topic will be granted. But by taking this easy way out, one is losing the further knowledge that would be obtained by reading through different books in a library. According to Information Today Inc., more and more computers with online databases, books, and periodicals are being added to libraries all over the country (Computers in Libraries par. 2). As a result, because people crave immediate answers and satisfaction, referring to books for information will be thing of the past.

Also, if a student is required to read a book for school, the summary of that book will most likely be posted online. So what takes less time and less comprehending, reading a 300-paged novel or reading a computer screen-sized summary of that same book? Additionally, if a student is required to write an essay for English class, by paying only $19.99, a website will write it for him or her. In relation, in Fahrenheit 451, Beatty states, “The mind drinks less and less. Impatience” (Bradbury 57), which represents the role technology has taken in people’s lives. The internet is definitely making people’s lives effortless; however, by needing answers right away, technology is forcing people to become lazy by not attempting to learn more for themselves.

Technology is having a serious impact on the way people interact and communicate with others. For instance, text messaging is an easy, fun, and inexpensive way to stay in touch with your friends when you are on the go (Get Talk Time par. 9). With a single finger, you can send, receive, and reply to messages on your wireless phone (Get Talk Time par. 9). This very popular form of communication is taking the place of people meeting face-to-face and talking with others. What ever happened to friends and relatives actually gathering in the same room and exchanging words by mouth, not by a small form of technology?

Also, online shopping, online working, and online schooling is preventing people from leaving their homes, which takes away human-to-human contact and the practice of “people skills”, as well. It will not be long until people will never have to leave their homes because everything they need is right at their fingertips, either at the computer or on their cell phone. In addition, when people do talk, they usually chat about the latest video game or the newest sports car. Like in Fahrenheit 451, Clarisse explains, “People don’t talk about anything. [….] They name a lot of cars or clothes or swimming pools mostly and say how swell” (Bradbury 31). Not only is technology slowly eliminating personal contact between people, but it is the main topic of their conversations, too. Is technology the only thing on the minds and in the hands of the public today?

Technology is changing humans lives by the way they think, the way they collect information, and the way they communicate. People are allowing technology to control their lives because they yearn for instant results, rather than working hard to earn satisfying outcomes themselves. People enjoy chatting with their friends through machinery over hanging out with others and partaking in a little chinwag, too. Although technology does make one’s life easier in certain aspects, the world needs to realize that technology is not vital in all areas of life and that life without it would not be so horrible.

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