The Negative Effects of Social Networking Technology on Our Lives in Steve Chazins Is Social Networking Good for Society

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In the article ” Is Social Networking Good for Society?”, Steve Chazin states that social networking technology has affected our own life negatively. Nowadays, people can easily keep in touch with each other by MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook. Furthermore, we rarely disconnect the internet, and talk to each other in person. The author concludes that we are living dependently on “the power of the web.” I agree with the author that social networking technology has tremendously affected our self esteem and academic performance negatively, and increased the number case of cyber bullying.

First of all, social networking technology has changed our self esteem negatively. Since most of the conversation are took place on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, the users of social networking technology are really concerned about public evaluations, such as physical appearance, romantic attraction, and friendliness. According to the article “How Facebook Affects Your Self-Esteem,” Molly Clayton states that social media is “a hall of mirror for women who base their self worth on their looks.

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” For instance, my friend Maria spend two hours making up, taking pictures, and uploading her pictures on Facebook pages every day. In school, she keeps checking her Facebook pages to read some comments about her beauty and suggestion for find dating mate. Moreover, the users of social networking technology tend to polish their profiles which make them look talented, unique, and attractive. Because they are afraid of losing face in front of their online friends and want to maintain a closed friendships, they are likely to exaggerate beyond the truth and invent some interesting details.

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For example, when my friend James was seven grade in the middle school Brooklyn Bridge, he usually lied about his grades on Facebook to attract other girls. Two months after the day he lied about his grade on Facebook, people tend to isolate him from others because of his lying.

People may argue that social networking technology helps college and high school students to finish some research projects, writing assignments, and presentations. However, social networking technology has many adverse effects on academic performance of students. Nowadays, social networking has become an addiction and decreased the concentration of adolescents. Many researchers believe that social networking technology such as Facebook can distract the learning concentration. According to a study by Rosen, 50 percent of middle school, high school and college students check Facebook at least once during 15 minutes of study. Since they keep checking Facebook, students usually ignore and easily lose the concentration on the lesson plan. If students keep the habit of checking Facebook during study, it will eventually become addiction. For instance, my friends Ben spent hours checking comments on Facebook pages during school since he was a high school student of Andrew P. Hill. Now, he still keeps that habit and finds it impossible to quit that habit. Furthermore, most of the users of social networking technology usually have low performance on school works. According to Aryn Karpinski’s study of about 219 students, 148 students who have Facebook accounts studied about 1 to 5 hours and people who do not have Facebook accounts spend about 11 to 15 hours of study. In school, if students spend a great deal of time studying their materials, they will definitely get a better grade than those who do not spend time studying at all. From the study of Aryn Karpinski, we can conclude that students who have Facebook accounts have grade point average lower than those students who do not have Facebook accounts.

Finally and most important, social networking technology has increased the number case of cyber bullying. In the era of developing technology, teenagers are easily vulnerable to many cyber bullying. Most of the cyber bullying usually occur on social networking such as Tweeter and Facebook. Studies have shown that the number of cyber bullying has quadrupled on social networking in the past five years and is likely to increase in the next few years. According to the article “Cyber Bullying” from, 52 percent of students in high school and middle school are the victims of cyber bullying.

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