The Need to Conserve Our Beaches Essay

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The Need to Conserve Our Beaches

There is a need to conserve our beaches nowadays. There are many reasons why we need to protect our beaches then. The primary reason why we need to conserve our beaches is to be mindful of our posterity. The next reason is that, the world is a wonderful place to live and enjoyment of its natural resources like our beaches is a positive affirmation of its importance in life. Third, our economic condition could be affected if our beaches become unattractive and destructed as time goes by.

The reason is that our beaches are one of the major tourism attractions in the country. And lastly, our beaches are homes to thousands of aquamarine species that can be used as food, source of income and entertainment (Revell 1). First, our beaches today are useful for the next generations to come. There is no doubt that our posterity will also enjoy our beaches for the next years to come. Thus, how can our posterity enjoy our beaches in the future if it is already eventually destroyed nowadays?

Of course, it is not beneficial for future generations if we will not conserve our beaches. Secondly, our beaches added enjoyment and beauty in this world. In times that we need to relax, our beaches are a source of serenity and calmness. If we do not take efforts to conserve our beaches, we could loose the chance to enjoy the beauty of the same. Third, it is not denied that our beaches contributed much to the tourism industry of our country. Our beaches are considered as one of the major attractions for tourists to visit and invest in our country.

If our beaches become unattractive for tourists, we could loose thousands of potential investors and people to enjoy travel vacations in the country. The said condition could terribly affect the economy of our country. Finally, there are thousands of aquamarine species that are found in our beaches. We need to conserve and take care of them since these aquamarine species can be used as food, sources of income and other things. We could eat different kinds of fishes and sell them to augment our income.

We can also use these fishes as implements of our aquariums at home for us to be entertained. If we add to the destruction of these natural resources found in our beaches, we run the risk of losing them eventually. Therefore, the need to conserve our beaches is one of our responsibilities in life as a citizen of the country. Works Cited Revell, David. “Testimony before the US Commission on Ocean Policy”. 14 June 2002. Ocean Commission Website. February 5, 2008 < http://www. oceancommission .gov/publicomment/northwestcomments/revell_comment. pdf >.

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